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  1. In The Washington Post Article on South African Nuclear Plans the Secret Israel – Apartheid South Africa Collaboration is Conspicously Omitted


    March 20, 2015 by Alfred

    On its first page, The Washington Post published an excellent article on March 15, 2015 titled ” South African Nuclear Plans Unnerves U.S. “. …
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  2. A Visionary Founder of the Concept of a Home for Jews Persecuted in Czarist Russia Would Decry Present Israel’s International Law Violations and Crimes Against The Humanity of Palestinians


    January 7, 2015 by Alfred

    The name of said visionary founder of the concept of a home for Jews persecuted in Czarist Russia is Theodor Herzl. …
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  3. The President’s Call for All Nations and Religions to Reject Extremist Ideologies That Fuel Bloodshed is Directed to Israel As Well


    September 26, 2014 by Alfred

    A unique opportunity potential for global cooperation is arising as a result of a regional and global effort formation to …
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