About the Argentum Post

On July 2nd, 2013 I launched my Argentum Post blog.

As an activist in support of participatory constitutional democracy, based on the unwavering elements of social and economical justice, transparency, accountability, human rights, equal rights under the law, and the use of diplomacy and negotiations with all in the quest of peaceful conflict resolution, I have now decided to use the medium of blogging to further my individual contribution to this proposition.

I am a U.S. citizen, born and raised in South America, where I lived in Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil as a son of German/Austrian parents who were forced to leave their homeland by the Nazis. I therefore speak fluently German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

I started my professional life as a research chemist and then went on to become active in the field of intellectual property protection as relates specifically to the field of chemical science and technology, by becoming a chemical patent researcher and then a patent agent.

I have been passionately involved in my activism since the Vietnam war years and have used various modes of practicing said activism including the writing of letters to editors of mainstream media publications, having had several of said letters published.

It is my hope that my blog will contribute to complement, broaden, elaborate on, stimulate, and provide unique perspectives in the discussion of the complex issues we face nationally and internationally as we strive for an ever more refined and sustainable global community.

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