SOS , America is on the Path of Self-Destruction

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May 14, 2022 by Alfred

Creative reconstructive reformation is vital to allow us the people lead America into the paths which will allow it to become all it can be and these are based primarily on the foundational elements totally available of the envisaging and reforming process via representative democratic, rationalistic, humanistic, scientific, peaceful, the honorable gradual total elimination of the neo-conservative Republican Party which has totally degraded into an undemocratic, obstructionist, racist, classist, violent, corrupt, mendacious, organized crime organization intoxicated with the delusionary imperialistically hegemonist, social stratification machine which it uses to divide to conquer an overwhelming sector of our society and of the societies world-wide in order to become a white supremacist, “exceptionalist” fascist “über elite” which will control us all.

When it comes to the so-called current Democratic Party, analogously, it has fallen into the trap of contagious neo-liberal self-destructive path with the exception that it covers up with expensive make-up its utterly undemocratic stances while in essence likewisely destroying our society for the profits of their elite as if they were not elected by the people which elected their members.

With Trump in power, we had an ignorant but dangerous buffoon in power whose MAGA following he cultivated to solidify its destructive fascist system in power which further lead us into the path of self destruction.

So, to cut to the chase of the objective of this article, we are on the edge of an abyss on a bipartisan basis from which we may never be able to recover if we do not undertake at least some of the following essential radical changes immediately in the order of decreasing priority.

(1) Undertake the mobilization of our society to demand from the bottom up by perhaps organizing global strikes until we initiate the process of demanding the TOTAL elimination of all nuclear weapons as the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) demands.

(2) Undertake the mobilization of our society by the same means as supra, to ban all wars, to ban the sale of all weapons world-wide and to collect all weapons in the hands of non-law enforcement officers.

(3) Reform the election system by eliminating the Electoral Voting system and by the inception of the Instant Return Voting (IRV) and homogenizing all voting machines and voting methodology in all states of the Union since we are the United States of America (USA) and not the Fractured States of America (FSA).

(4) Eliminating the “Lobby” system which is a form of legalized bribery.

(5) Eliminating the Industrial/Military system and the Big Pharma/Hospitalar system and eliminating the NRA.

(6)There are obviously many more urgently reforms such as those which will once for all bring universal health care totally available to all Americans, as well to make secondary education available to all Americans.

Finally what needs to become the highest priority immediately are the following horrific moral, legal, law and Constitutional law violations is the following.

Ending immediately the shipment of weapons or funding of the wars by the US and allies to the Saudi lead war on Yemen, to the imperialist proxy war on Russia by NATO and allies, as well as ending and reversing the slow -motion 1948 massacre and illegal occupations and annexations of Apartheid Zionist Israel which amounts by now to a veritable genocide.

With respect to this last subject, it needs to be noted that the mainstream media as well as Congress and the scandalously catastrophic foreign policy of Joe Biden, all have covered up to hide the Israeli Zionist power structure’s crimes against humanity.

In a rare exception, the Washington Post to its credit did cover immediately on its first page a photo and the article which focused on the assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh, a highly professional Palestinian/American journalist who has worked covering for 25 years the egregious suffering the Palestinians have had to endure with total impunity for the perpetrators of these crimes.


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