The Name of Our Top Law Enforcement Headquarters Building Must Come Down Now !


August 28, 2013 by Alfred

On this August 28. 2013 day when we observe, celebrate, and are inspired by, the leadership and legacy of our monumental leader and preacher of non-violence and equitable justice,  namely Reverend Martin Luther King, we must not forget the other countless and indispensable leaders, whose names somehow were whitewashed, such as (e.g.) Bayard Justin,  simply because the powers that be decided that they must be deemed unsuitable or even a threat, purely and simply because they happened to be linked to socialist ideals and/or happened to have the “wrong” partner gender preference.

Most importantly though we must remember that among those elements which composed those powers that be was, most prominently, our nation’s top law enforcement (i.e. FBI) director, namely J. Edgar Hoover, who viciously carried out a hate filled smear campaign not only against the Reverend Martin Luther King, but against all who were moved by his dedication to non-violent justice and peaceful and conflict resolution.

If I, the writer of this blog, were to give a speech on grounds of the Washington Monument today, I would have said, “ Take that name down from that wall, Mr. President Obama! “

The name of J. Edgar Hoover on the building of FBI headquarters, constitutes a grotesque insult to the   nation’s professional just law enforcement agents, and by extension, it is an insult to all decent Americans who support democratic and just law enforcement.

One thought on “The Name of Our Top Law Enforcement Headquarters Building Must Come Down Now !

  1. Paul Mattessich says:

    Thank you for these thoughts on this fiftieth anniversary.

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