Seeing Through the Fog of The Rush to War on Syria


September 4, 2013 by Alfred


I have a moral obligation to share two facts hidden in plain sight,  as President Obama and the Secretary of State Kerry, tell us that we “have a moral obligation” to support war on Syria.

Yes, dictator Basher al-Assad, as well as his father, have committed crimes against the humanity of the people of Syria and need to be arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced for that.

However, hidden in plain sight in the fog being generated by the sudden rush to war on Syria  there is moral imperative that the following two historical facts be considered.

(1)  The same President and Secretary of State urging war on Syria on the basis of massive crimes against the humanity of the Syrian people, have steadfastly refused to characterize the massive crimes against the humanity of the Egyptian people by General al-Sissi, and the Mubarak dictatorship remnants, when they violently crushed the only democratically elected government Egypt ever had, followed by the bloody massacre of the peacefully demonstrating supporters of that government.   The inexcusable pretext used is that, by characterizing the violent coup plus massacre honestly for what it in fact was, the US military support of more than more than $ 1 billion dollars per year to the perpetrators of these atrocities would have to legally end, and there is politics and interests which prevent that.  This is a shame a truly participative democracy must not be confronted with ever.

(2) The United States itself has been involved in the use of chemical weapons, including sarin and mustard gas not long ago without any consideration of any “moral obligations”.   Late in the 1980’s,  Ronald Reagan and Donald Rumsfeld were involved in providing the dictator Sadam Hussein with weapons and intelligence to support him in attacks on Iran.   The reason for war on Iran was that its people had cast itself off the yoke of the US supported dictator of Shah Pahvlavi tyranny which was imposed in 1953 when the combined efforts of Eisenhower and Churchill and the CIA paved the way for the overthrow of the democratically elected president Mossadegh of the socialist Tudeh party, at time when Islamists and seculars coexisted peacefully.  The reason of the overthrow was the interests of British Petroleum which had been nationalized.

For the first historical fact no source needs to be cited as it is self evident.  For the second historical fact, there is a plethora of sources and I will cite one them, for the record.

What we as a nation need to do is to work much harder for non-violent political solution and to assist in isolating and bringing to an international tribunal (i.e. to the International Criminal Court which must be empowered globally to become more effective) to begin a process of global reconstruction and democratization along the parameters of the idiosyncratic historical, cultural, and socio anthropological realities of each affected region of the world.

There is no “Pax Americana”, war is not and cannot be the solution anymore, and we need to become part of the solution by helping to extinguish fires rather than start new ones often catering to some sinister and small but powerful undue interest groups who trample on the best interests of, “we the people” as well as the peoples of the world we want to lead by the power of example and not by the example of power.

2 thoughts on “Seeing Through the Fog of The Rush to War on Syria

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    I love how you cite historical evidence that exposes our hypocrisy, in addition to stating the moral & practical arguments! I shared this on Facebook too. I hope you’ll submit this to all online publications.

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