The Washington Post to Its Credit Acknowledges Israel’s Secretive Chemical and Nuclear Arsenal


September 19, 2013 by Alfred

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The Washington Post and its editor(s), as well as its reporters Anne  Gearan and William Booth, must be given credit for acknowledging on Monday, September 16, 2013 what has largely been known but omitted by the mainstream media, namely that Israel has developed secretly an arsenal of chemical and nuclear weapons.

Indeed, since a secret 1969 Golda Meyer – Nixon agreement, an arsenal of nuclear WMD was developed in Israel and one of the workers in the Demona  plant in the Negev desert where this took place, resigned, became a whistle-blower,  went to Australia and was called by the London Financial Times for an interview on this subject in 1986.    His name is Mordechai Vanunu.  After exposing this reality and warning the world of the danger it poses to the Middle East and globally, he was approached by an attractive woman who proposed they spend some romantic time together in Italy , he agreed, and when he entered the room of the hotel where they were going to meet, he was overpowered by several Mossad agent, drugged up, and then was abducted on a speedboat which took him to a freighter which took him to Israel, where without a due judicial process, he was sentenced to incarceration in  solitary confinement where he spent 11 years.   The Supreme Court of Israel to its credit ordered him released from solitary confinement but he was not allowed to return to Australia to join his brother.    Later he was indicted for giving Amy Goodman of the Democracy Now program an interview.

I, the writer of this blog, researched this story, and wrote the narrative of it for the purpose of it being formatted for a Public Access TV video.

Back to The Washington Post article titled “Kerry Meets with  Netanyahu , Affirms Resolve on Iran”, the Washington Post reported that “…Israeli diplomats worry that the push for inspections of Syria’s chemical arms could throw an unwelcome spotlight on the secretive chemical and nuclear arsenal that Israel has built next door“.    (emphasis added)

 As a son of Holocaust surviving parents and as an opponent of the extremist Zionist power structure of the  Netanyahu  regime of Israel, I deem it an imperative for our national interest and for the interest of regional and global peace that the US end funding what is considered an “exceptionalist ” regime which is violating international law by refusing to pull out of invaded and occupied Palestinian land, which makes a mockery out any peace talks, which refuses to signed on the Nuclear Weapons Non Proliferation Treaty and which has documentably proliferated said weaponization of nuclear energy technology for years to the former white supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa , and which is now continuously  threatening military action against Iran on untenable claims.

The proliferation of the nuclear energy technology to Apartheid South Africa is amply documented in the book “The Unspoken Alliance” by Sasha Polakow-Suransky.

Iran , by the way, has a legal right to refine uranium to the 5% and 20% level for energy and medical applications , respectively, and is a signatory to the non-nuclear proliferation treaty.    The last thing the world needs now is military threats and action against Iran on dishonest and international law violating grounds, particularly as  reformist President Rouhany, who has just been elected and who has just received the blessings of Supreme Leader Khamenei in his attempt to reach out to the West and settle the uranium refinement issue,  has made it clear that Iran is now prepared to settle the uranium refinement issue.

The Washington Post reported on 09/18/2013 on this fact in an article titled “Khamenei : Time for Diplomacy” and subtitled “Iran’s  supreme leader signals support for outreach by Rouhani”.

The above cited facts are non-disputable and the double standards in this case have become intolerable and come at a  huge  cost to our prestige and respect in the world, not to mention the cost of Palestinian and Israeli lives lost and/or permanently damaged in uprisings against the occupiers, and of the $ US 20+ million per day of our taxpayer’s money which Israel receives   while   sabotaging   peace negotiations with Palestine by continuing to build illegal settlements in illegally occupied land, after having occupied 75%  of Palestine in 1948, after the UK occupiers left and Palestine was partitioned.

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    What a relevant article!

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