The Washington Post Needs to Take Remediative Measures to Stop Failing to Properly Inform Its Readers


October 28, 2013 by Alfred

Nr. 60

The writer of this blog, is an assiduous reader of The Washington Post.

Lately particularly, the Post has failed to inform and even has disinformed its readers on matters of crucial importance and it needs to be called to task on this pattern.

In an October 18th, 2013 Washington Post editorial, the erroneous statement was made that Iran does not have a right to uranium enrichment.  In fact, Iran as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)  ( which Israel with its clandestinely acquired arsenal of nuclear WMD is not ),  is given the right to enrich uranium for energy generation and for medical purposes, and that right is spelled out in specific language in Article IV of the NPT which guarantees  ” the inalienable right of all the Parties to the Treaty to develop, research, production, and use of nuclear energy ” .  The right to produce nuclear energy includes the right to enrich uranium since this is the fuel for the obtention of said energy.

A Washington Post editorial must be based on researched facts even if it reflects ultimately and more broadly an opinion.

In this matter the Washington Post misinformed its readers in a way which is demonstrated by its lack of a rigorous research on the matter, something which possibly reveals a  bias against the particularly present newly and democratically elected leader Hassan Rouhani who is reaching out to the West in a quest blessed by Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei, to resolves peacefully the impasse between Iran and the US on the nuclear issue.  This is an unacceptable  disservice to the readers of the Post.

In another  instance,  namely that of the egregiously scandalous and brutally criminal behavior of a Saudi Arabian air force officer who sexually assaulted a 13-year-old boy in the rest room of a Las Vegas hotel, the Washington Post decided to consign this as a “minor” news item devoting on October 24th, 2013,  16 lines of an inch and three-quarters wide column note.    Had this criminal attack been carried out by an Iranian or Cuban official,  or by an official of countries who have democratically elected populist leaders such as Equador, Venezuela, Bolivia and so on, then undoubtedly this would have been front page news.   Yes, we have petroleum interests in Saudi Arabia, the most draconic violator of human rights and particularly female human rights, but, this double standard in reporting is not becoming of the only major newspaper of the capital of the United States.

Finally, I can state that as the writer of this blog and an American citizen of German/Brazilian background, I learned yesterday evening, on Saturday,  October 26th 2013,  via the European news media and via my Brazilian background wife who works at one of our city’s  museums,   that thousands of Americans demonstrated yesterday in Washington, DC (Saturday, October 26th, 2013), against the NSA massive spying on Americans and on foreign leaders communications, and against the NSA spying on the Brazilian state enterprise, Petrobras, which extracts and refines petroleum in Brazil.   The demonstrators also carried placards thanking whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

As a subscriber of The Washington  Post,  I read the paper daily and yet, today, Sunday October 27th, 2013)  I, and thousands of others of the readers of the Post,  did not read one word about this relevant and revealing event in our city.    We deserve better and the failure to report on this event is at best inappropriate and deplorable and calls for an acknowledgement and an apology to the readers of the Post.

“We the people” have a right to be informed objectively and to be spared the “info-tainment” daily distraction on the part of all of the information disseminating media, since such diversion has the effect of depriving us of that right and have the secondary more pernicious effect of culturally programming us so as to damage our criteria when it comes to our democratic prerogative to exercise our right to vote for the most independent and honest public officials to represent us at all levels of governance.

One thought on “The Washington Post Needs to Take Remediative Measures to Stop Failing to Properly Inform Its Readers

  1. Such an important post! Our mainstream media is mainly propaganda for our military/corporate government! Let them know that we don’t buy it!! Thank you!!

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