The World Applauds the Inspiring Agreement Between the Presidents of Iran and of the United States


November 25, 2013 by Alfred

Nr. 70

At long last, after insidious opposition and hate and fear mongering on the basis of calumniating false evidence by extremist right-wing Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel and by extremist right-wing Republican members of the US Congress, as well as by Saudi officials of its dictatorial power structure,  a peaceful potential conflict resolution has been achieved between President Obama and President Rouhani which recognizes Iran’s rightfull use of refined uranium to generate electrical energy.

Kudos to both Presidents who have sidelined sinister attempts to sabotage this inspiring event which may herald a new era characterized by the prevalence of rational, humanistic, pragmatic, and mutually respectful diplomacy which may and should gradually be emulated by the world’s leaders to lead to the global elimination the weaponization of nuclear energy and to the destruction of the nuclear weapons already in existence.

The time has come for reformist leaders to unite in common causes which increase global security by global measures initiated ideally by global institutions made up of nations striving for transparent and genuinely participative democracies in contrast to the so-called “democracies” which are managed and manipulated by hidden actors with insidious special interest agendas which only serve the interest of individual and corporate elites.

The writer of this blog is currently in São Paulo, Brazil where, as in the rest of Latin America, the official declaration at the OAS in Washington, DC by Secretary of State John Kerry that the Monroe Doctrine has been finally declared null and void, is being widely applauded as well.

It is now time for the US to recognize the sovereignty of Cuba and end its counter-productive and destructive half century embargo and travel ban, and it is also time for the US to recognize that Venezuela has a functioning popular democracy which must be respected without being submitted to destabilizing interferences from abroad.

Within the context of the Venezuelan economical crisis it must be noted that, according to Mark Weisbrot,  who is the co-director of  the Center of Economical and Political Research in Washington, DC and who is also the President of Just Foreign Policy,  rumors that the Venezuelan economy will “implode” are nothing but part of the generation of falsehoods which for a decade have been disseminated by the opponents of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Facts and history cannot be distorted as regards to this reality.   In the last decade the performance of the Venezuelan economy has been quite good.   Per capita median income has risen by 2.7% and poverty has been reduced by 50%.   Venezuela’s oil income amounts to $ 90 billion per year.   The inflation is real but is caused by the scarcity of $US dollars in the currency market, but Venezuela is not having the problems of Greece and Spain which are stuck in macroeconomical agreements made by actors whose objectives conflict with the economical recovery of these nations.    These are remarks made by Mark Weisbrot in an exclusive interview to the London Guardian and reported on by the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, dated 11/23/2013.

Facts and history cannot also not erase the crimes against humanity carried out by the crushing of democracy and by the mass murder of Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Cairo by the Egyptian military,  and likewise, facts and history cannot erase the reality of Israel’s cruel violations of  Palestinian human rights coupled to its violations of international law by its violent continuing occupations of Palestinian territory to which is not now nor was ever entitled, not can it be ignored that Israel, with US and French support has since 1969 developed an arsenal of nuclear weapons of mass destruction, has refused to admit this, has refused to sign on to the Non-Proliferation Treaty ( of nuclear energy weaponization technology), and has in fact proliferated the weaponization technology for more than a decade to the Apartheid white supremacist regime of South Africa (as documented, inter alia, by Sasha Suransky Polakow in his book “The Unspoken Alliance”.

It is time for the hate and fear mongering campaigns of vilification of Iran and Venezuela, be focused away from and for Egypt and Israel to be focused on with the imposition of severe economical sanctions until their misleaders realize that it is in their society’s best security and economical interests that they be inspired to become part of the regional solutions, and this applies as well and most particularly to the dictators of Saudi Arabia and to the dictator of Syria.

Finally it is time for freedom to be granted to the heroic whistleblowers who, like Daniel Ellsberg, risked their livelihood and lives to end injustice and violence by exposing the wrongdoing which caused unnecessary, and wastefully brutal wars, and these whistleblowers are first and foremost Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning as well.     None of these well intentioned humans profited from what they did, but it is indisputable that they saved lives and prevented unbearable suffering

One thought on “The World Applauds the Inspiring Agreement Between the Presidents of Iran and of the United States

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Perhaps the U.S. tide is turning toward PEACE: first Syria, now Iran! I applaud with the World!

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