Two Washington Post Articles Unfairly Critique President Obama and President Raul Castro

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December 13, 2013 by Alfred

Nr. 100

On the day after the eulogy of President Mandela in South Africa, The Washington Post’s   published half page articles titled “Photo, Castro Greeting Prove Distracting” and “Mandela Stood by Cuba, Libya Despite Abuses” wherein both, our President Obama and Cuba’s reformist President Raul Castro were erroneously, inappropriately,  and unfairly critically singled out.

 In the first mentioned article, Senator McCain and Senator Rubio are given voice for their displeasure with President Obama’s commendably warm handshake greeting of President Raul Castro of Cuba.    As a result of the undue influence of the Cuban American lobby (CANF) in Miami and their representatives in Congress, they have wrongfully prevailed in our failed half century of embargo and US travel ban policies vis-a-vis Cuba.  President Obama must be lauded rather than exposed critically for warmly greeting Mr. Raul Castro.

In the case of the second mentioned article, it shows a lack of historical awareness and thoroughness in reporting,  to suggest that somehow Castro and Qaddafi can be lumped up, one being the leader of Libya which, as the article refers to,  was involved in the 1988 bombing of an airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland, while the other is the leader of Cuba, who in stark contrast to Qaddafi, was a victim and not a perpetrator of a Miami criminal terrorist group which targeted symbolically Castro when they bombed a Cuban airliner in 1986 killing 76 young athletes.    The US harbored Miami terrorists whose leader, Posada Carilles, boastfully admitted to being the master mind of the airliner bombing,  was never arrested and prosecuted in Miami for this monstrous crime.

Furthermore it should be noted that similarly to President Mandela, President Castro also spent time in prison after he and his rebels failed in their first attempt in 1953 to liberate the people of Cuba from the yoke of the brutal and racist dictatorship of Fulgencio Baptista who was supported by the United States.

A warm handshake by President Obama to the reformist brother of Fidel Castro on the occasion of the eulogy of President Mandela, should hardly be a basis for a half page reporting by a prestigious newspaper on some “distracting” effect thereof which generated some negative and critical excitement by Senator John McCain against President Obama,  nor should it be a basis to prompt reporting that Senator Rubio had to criticize our President for not taking the opportunity to lecture President Castro on human rights issues, when the issue of the day was exclusively dedicated to the honoring of the monumentally inspiring leader of South Africa.

For the sake of fairness and balance in reporting, these historical facts must be kept in mind and used to fully contextualize these articles since it is they which are the ones which seem to be printed as a wholly vapid and thoroughly uncalled for distraction to the narrative of the moving events of the historic day characterized by the particularly touching eulogy of President Obama.

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