“The Origins of Zionism” 08/26/2014


August 26, 2014 by Alfred

The title of this article, namely “The Origins of Zionism”  is the title of an article by Thierry Meyssan.

Meyssan’s article in this comprehensive scholarly presentation of the historically relevant and revealing reality of Zionism and its origin, is essential for a fundamental understanding of the Israeli Palestinian conflict and the reason its narrative has been for decades distorted by the narrow interests of those who have exploited the Hebrew bible for imperialist and neo-imperialist objectives, a situation which has endured for so long without being challenged, that a whole generation has been literally culturally programmed to uncritically accept the myth of Israel’s so-called “exceptionalism”, which along with that its sponsors globally,  threatens to plunge the Middle East into an ever-widening conflict which if not contained by peaceful, rationalist, humanist, scholarly statesmanship could end in a major catastrophic conflagration.

The above paragraph is, of course, written by the writer of the Argentum Post, while the infra words are those the author and journalist Thierry Meyssan has included in the introductory paragraph of his work “Who is the Enemy”.

Everyone has an opinion to explain the massacres committed by the State of Israel in Gaza. While in the 70s and 80s, it was seen as a demonstration of Anglo-Saxon imperialism, many interpret it today as a conflict between Jews and Arabs. Reviewing the long period of history – four centuries -, Thierry Meyssan, a consultant to several governments, analyzes the origins of Zionism, its true ambitions and determines who the enemy is.”

Thierry Meysssan is a French intellectual, founder and chairman of Voltaire Network and the Axis for Peace Conference. His columns specializing in international relations feature in daily newspapers and weekly magazines in Arabic, Spanish and Russian. His last two books published in English :9/11 the Big Lie andPentagate.

5 thoughts on ““The Origins of Zionism” 08/26/2014

  1. Alexander Scheiner, Israel says:

    Well written article. The author seem to be an anti-Zionist. Why not, he is probably not Jewish anyway.

    Dear readers, if you ever manage to read our Thora, you will note, that Zion is our most important
    place, spiritually and geographically. Zion is included since two thousand years in our prayers, every day. Its deeply rooted in our religion and history.

    I know very well, that the Islamic and Arab PR-Machine wishes to destroy this fact, as it wishes to destroy Israel and Jews. Its called “historical misrepresentation” (Geschichtsklitterung). Its really something for the Palestinian lobby.

    • Fred says:

      Even though you and I obviously have distinct perspectives, I wanted you to know that I made it a point to approve your comment because of its debatable but sincere comment and because of your first line, with which I do agree but with the follow-up clarification, in case it was not obvious to you, namely that I a son of a Jewish mother who lost most of her family during the Nazi genocide. Whether this makes me a Jew or not is a complex issue for some. Since I guide myself by secular humanist values and have not had much immersion into the cultural aspects of Judaism, I am neither religiously nor culturally Jewish, and since I do not endorse the view that to be characterized as a Jew automatically means that Judaism is a race, I suppose you are correct in that stating that I not a Jew.

      Since it was my mother’s wish that at 13 I participate in the Bar Mitzwah ceremony, I did that and even studied some Hebrew in preparation thereof. By nature I cannot be anti-Jewish and some of the people that I most admire and have become friends with are of similar orientation, and among them is legendary and internationally known Rabbi Lerner who I became friends with and who invited me to recently to write an article in his publication Tikkun.

      I wish you well, und Ja ich spreche auch Deutsch wie Sie, aber bin in Bolivien geboren und in Brasilien aufgewachsen. Also, tschüss

  2. Flavia Thomsen Mostazo says:

    Outstanding article!

    • Fred says:

      The Argentum Post welcomes supportive or constructively divergent and succinct comments which then may be approved for posting by us.

      Comments characterized by brazen falsehoods, and/or vitriolic invective will not only not be approved for posting, but will most probably result in the blocking of the e-mail account access of the sender to the Argentum Post.

  3. Alexander Scheiner, Israel says:

    I am happy to quote an adored Zionist:

    Zionism is the Jewish national liberation movement, and Israel is the national home of the Jewish people. To be an anti-Zionist is to reject the right of the Jewish people to freedom. To be anti-Israel is to be anti-Jewish. And a Jewish group cannot support an anti-Jewish group without losing its meaning, and betraying the Jewish people.

    Caroline Glick, http://carolineglick.com/

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