Finally the Cover Up is Being Unveiled re: “The Day Israel Attacked America” – June 8, 1967


November 4, 2014 by Alfred

The cover up of the deliberate attack on a U.S. Navy ship by Israeli aircrafts and torpedo boats as the Israel initiated war on Egypt, which was taking place while Israel falsely claimed that this was a defensive maneuver, is just one more example of the recklessly dishonest and brutal modus operandi it has gotten away with in its pursuit of the colonization project of Palestine, and additionally it exposes the sordid political maneuverings between Washington and Tel Aviv which were designed to keep under wraps the horrific toll of this unprovoked assault on this ship’s crew.

For decades the truth about this attack which resulted in the death of 34 Americans, and in the most severe shrapnel injuries to an additional 174 members of the crew of the USS Liberty, was kept from the public thereby violating the democratic rights of the American people to be informed honestly about what a so-called “ally” has been capable of doing while still expecting unconditional support regardless as to what other provocative atrocities it carries out as exemplified in the recent massacres of predominantly innocent unarmed civilians in Gaza.

The attack on the clearly marked USS Liberty, which was also flying the American flag on a bright, clear day on June 8th, 1967 has come to the awareness of a few Americans through such publications as James Bamford’s book “Body of Secrets : Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency”, and ( inter alia) in a book by Ernest A. Gallo,  president of the USS Liberty Veteran’s Association and survivor of the Israeli criminal attack.   At the National Summit to Reassess The U.S.- Israel “Special Relationship” which this writer attended at the National Press Club on March 7, 2014, Mr. Gallo spoke about this outrageous Israeli attack.

By and large though, very few Americans are aware of this event and even if they are, they have become only aware of an untruthful and sanitized version thereof as a result of a veritable conspiracy of silence by the Israelis and by corrupted U.S. officials and politicians who were bribed and/or threatened with blackmail if they leaked the relevant information to the media.

Finally however, more information is now coming out about the reality of this event thanks to such organizations as “If Americans Knew“, the same organization which sponsored the above noted National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel “Special Relationship”.

So, thanks to “If Americans Knew”, we learned that a one hour documentary was just shown on this subject by Al Jazeera America.

This documentary updates and further elaborates on this story which must be widely disseminated, particularly by the mainstream media.

The documentary raises additional issues which beg to be further investigated, particularly at this time in history when it has become clearly evident that the false narratives of several decades of Zionist ideology are rapidly being exposed and thereby are no longer operable for white – washing rationalizations of any kind when it comes to  brazen atrocities which have occurred in the past and continue to occur in the present but can be prevented from reoccurring in the future if there is the political will and the ethical, rationalist, and humanist approach to end the vicious cycle of violence which has evolved from the violent implantation of Israel in Palestine.

“We the people” can no longer tolerate the bizarre notion that somehow Israel is entitled to some kind of “exceptionalism” as its misleadership continues to follow the dead-end path of provocative endless land grabs, repressions, collective punishments with undue process, and mass killings while dishonestly claiming to be “defending itself” when in reality it is inflammatorily relentlessly expansionistically active offending the people whose lands it occupies in violation of international law pretending that their “religious beliefs” call for their occupation of those lands.



2 thoughts on “Finally the Cover Up is Being Unveiled re: “The Day Israel Attacked America” – June 8, 1967

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thank you for your unwavering devotion to uncovering and writing about the hidden atrocities and abuses of the Israeli government wages not only against the Palestinians, but it seems all who they deem as enemies or challenge their apartheid regime.

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