The Internationalization of the Solution to the Violent Implant of Israel into Palestine is an Imperative for a Sustainable Peace with Justice for Palestine and Security for Israel


January 20, 2015 by Alfred

It is a scandalous shame of huge proportions that it has taken decades for a solution of the crisis generated by the violent implantation of the product of the nationalization of the Judaic religion into the headland of  Palestine where the autochthonous Palestinians had lived for hundreds of years.

The entity forcibly and violently implanted into Palestine three years after the end of WWII was named “Israel” on the basis of the religious belief that God had promised Prophet Moses that land, as is spelled out in the Hebrew bible in Deuteronomy 6 : 10-12.

Of course only if one is a believer of the Hebrew bible, and a believer that Jews are God’s “Chosen People” and furthermore that as such they were entitled by God to take over the land of others as if is was theirs, namely their “Promised Land”, then one would possibly have a plausible case for this take over.

Reality however renders such an interpretation utterly bereft of historical and legal legitimacy, and this is expressed by this writer with the utmost due respect of all people of the Jewish faith who are yearning for a peaceful conflict resolution with justice for Palestinians and therefore, security for Jews in Israel/Palestine.

Be it as it may though, by a synergy of that law and justice bereft “might makes right” slogan, the Nazi genocide of Jews and others, the abuse of history, the advent of Zionist ideology in the late 19th century, and the corruption of Western politicians intent on gaining a foothold in the Middle East to control its fossil oil reserves, the so-called “state” of Israel was synthesized in a realpolitik reckless fashion in 1948 as gangs of Irgun and Stern Gang terrorists led by Menachen Begin and Itzhak Shamir (respectively) violently took over 75% of the land of the Palestinians in a process which was facilitated by the departure of the British imperialists who had occupied Palestine during WWI by forcing the imperialist Ottoman invaders and occupiers off the land of the Palestinians.

So, the way Israel came into being had built into it the seeds for a now 66 year-long  unnecessary hemorrhage of blood and funds, as the Zionist conquerors ever so more brutally engaged in their determination to carry out “the ethnic cleansing of the Palestine” (words put into quotation marks as they are the title of a highly scholarly account by Jewish historian and author, Ilan Pappe).

When in 1967 the Israel provoked a war on Egypt which widened into a greater war of further conquest of Palestinian land, Palestinians were left with much less than the original 25% which was left from what was literally stolen from them.

The rest is a history of what has been since 1967 a series of Kafkaesque charades meant to appear to be “peace talks” which were characterized by nothing but a mockery of realistic peace negotiations while all along the extreme right-wing Zionist misleaders of Israel where occupying more and more land and establishing in said lands more and more settlements in said lands in brazen continuous violations of UN Resolutions and therefore of international law, and with the unleashing of barbaric attacks on legitimate owners of those lands as they protested and engaged in desperate reprisal attacks to recover what was theirs in addition to create the conditions for Palestinians forced into the diaspora in 1948 to return to their homes.

So, fast forward to 2014/2015 and the critical mass was reached at long last,  for the United Nations and the International Criminal Court(ICC) to have become part of a potential solution to what President Obama aptly had called at the beginning of his first term mandate to be  “the intolerable situation of the Palestinians”.

Of course the world now is witnessing the outrageous behavior of misleading Prime Minister Netanyahu, who after the recent massacre of Gaza has lost all credibility in the global arena, as he unhingedly, and risibly( if he were not a such a serious threat to the security of the region), now relentlessly incites the U.S.  against the Palestinians, against Iran, against the U.N. and against the ICC, and so on and on, in an attempt to generate a smokescreen to continue business as usual while leading Israel into a dead-end alley.

The misleadership of PM Netanyahu has been consistently so.  He has been caught on video declaring to illegal settlers that he was proud to have  scuttled the promising Oslo Peace talks .

When in the aftermath of the targeted assassinations by criminals in Paris, a 1.7 million march was organized to protest mindless terrorizing violence by all agents of such violence, and the French leader urged Mr. Netanyahu not to attend this event for obvious reasons, not only did Mr. Netanyahu ignore that request, but shockingly he exploited the Paris tragedy politically by suggesting that all Jews in France must leave and go “home” to Israel, as if 2015 France is 1939 Nazi Germany.  He in effect was recruiting more volunteers to for the Zionist extremist Palestine colonization project, shamelessly, and unintelligently.  He was also twisting reality as if the anger of the criminals directed at the Charlie Hebdo provocative publication was somehow a jihad against Jews in France.

Recently Netanyahu reiterated again his false and inoperable contention that “Palestine is not a state”.  He may have been inspired by former Israel PM Golda Meir who bizarrely stated that “there is no such thing as Palestine”.

There is no dispute about the reality of Palestine.

John Quigley, a scholar and professor of law at Moritz College of Law of Ohio State University, is just one objective intellectual who wrote about this subject in a study titled “Palestine is a State :  A Horse with Black and White Stripes is a Zebra“.

Americans Peace Now (APN) state in relevant portions of their publications the following:

Golda Meir’s proclamation that “there is no such thing as Palestinians” was wrong and counterproductive when she made it in 1969. Repeating it today is wrong many times over, and does a terrible disservice to efforts to secure Israel’s future through peace.

The starting point is this: it makes no difference whether Israelis, or Jews, or anyone else recognize the Palestinians as a people. The Palestinians view themselves as a distinct people, with deep ties to the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Israel and supporters of Israel can neither deny nor wish the Palestinians and their claims out of existence. That is the reality that must be accepted and addressed if there is ever going to be peace, security, and stability.”

Furthermore, to speak scholarly and most respectfully about the subject of what is a “state” a most plausible argument could be made that demonstrates that “Israel” has no legal or historical basis to claim statehood, and most particularly, it can be argued that a state that demands the recognition of being a religious state, i.e. a Jewish state cannot be a democracy as in said implanted state Muslim and Christian, and secular Palestinians must have the same rights as the Jewish members of such a society to be democratic.

At any rate,  statehood is accorded to Israel for practical and now humanistic reasons, since it is now a reality, but that reality by no stretch of the imagination can eclipse the Palestinian reality and their legitimate claims.

On the basis of scholarly and respectful extensive research by many prominent intellectuals, many of them of Jewish background and faith,  scholarly arguments can be made that there is only exists such an entity as “Jewish people” , religiously and culturally, but there is no proof whatsoever that Jews are a people in an ethnic context, on the ground of some genetic component dimension attached to them as a result of their Jewish faith.

There is ample documentation in the annals of  literature and even science,  that the genesis of the Judaic monotheistic faith originated in Zacharia, and that of course contradicts somewhat the ancient Hebrew biblical notion that the “God’s chosen people” were given the “promised land” of Israel in Palestine during a conversation Moses supposedly had with a supposed God.

One of the most scholarly works on this subject is that of Jewish scholar Shlomo Sand, who  after years of painstaking research by a team of archaeologists and social anthropologists has written the book “The Invention of the The Jewish People”.

Now, as this writer happens to be the son of survivors of the  Nazi genocidal atrocities against the humanity of Jews and others as well, no inference can be made that there is even a scintilla of so-called “anti-Semitism” in the foregoing narrative and in the objective of said narrative which is clearly drawn to the final peaceful conflict resolution of a situation which now more than 140 nations support, namely the internationalized solution as compared to the failed pseudo-attempts for resolutions which have failed abysmally as the United States has been an enabler of the maintenance of a status quo which has it isolated completely now.

It has never been in the best interests of not only the U.S., but as well of all the decent minded, anti-racist, rationalist, humanist citizens of the world and that includes the Israeli citizens in this category, to be an obstructionist to an internationalized solution to a problem which has the real potential of engulfing the U.S. into an internationalized conflict if allowed to fester as it has over decades.

The last but not least paragraph of this article, is to focus the public’s attention on an event which took place on September 22, 2014, namely a touching, eloquent, compromising,  plea to the United States and to the world, by President Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine to students at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, a privately funded college on Cooper Square in the East Village of Manhattan.

The full text of President Abbas’ speech and its publication by the NYTimes on October 18, 2014 were sponsored by Churches for Middle East Peace.

2 thoughts on “The Internationalization of the Solution to the Violent Implant of Israel into Palestine is an Imperative for a Sustainable Peace with Justice for Palestine and Security for Israel

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks for the link to President Abbas’ speech at Cooper Union. Your impassioned and factual articles, along with President Abbas’ speeches will surely pave the way to justice and peace for Palestinians.

    • Fred says:

      Thanks ! I appreciated your optimism. I just found out that Netanyahu declared that he wants the International Criminal Court “dismantled” – for deciding to investigate the Gaza massacres… It could make one laugh if it were not so serious and sad.

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