The GOP’s Shocking And Treasonous Iran Letter Has Achieved Critical Mass and a Seminal Moment Which Marks and Exposes the Degradation Ad Nauseum of The Republicans as a Party To Our American Democracy


March 11, 2015 by Alfred

Given how fast and furious and from an impressive multiplicity of sources, nationally and internationally, the reaction to the treasonous letter to Iran spearheaded by Republican Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) which was incredibly signed by 47 Republican senators, is coming, this writer will be succinct but substantively loaded with documentation buttressing the present article on this scandalous occurrence which must never reoccur.

The New Yorker magazine published an article on this infamous letter characterizing it as “Congress’s Poison Letter to Iran“, and summarized it this way : “Dear Iran, Please don’t agree to halt your nuclear-weapons program, because we don’t like Barack Obama and, anyway, he’ll be gone soon.”

It goes without saying that after the intrusion by collusion with the Republican leadership in violation of protocol of the notorious mythomane Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu,  into the Congress building to put on his tediously repetitive circus-like show of falsehoods in order to incite the U.S. to war on Iran for non-existing reasons, the Republican party has finally and irreversibly exposed its zero credibility as a genuine conservative opposition party, and simultaneous has exposed what can be literally characterized as nothing but a  “Contra” gang of out of control politicians who are largely ethically, intellectually, and politically corrupt, and which act more like a gang of racist drunk fraternity punks, hell-bent on wreaking havoc by engaging in an act of authentic vandalism to scuttle the delicate diplomacy which the President of the United States is strenuously devoted to, in company with his partners in Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China to ensure that Iran’s right to harness electrical energy and to apply uranium refinement to the peaceful and humanitarian medical therapy and research applications will not go beyond the 20% level necessary for that limitation.

Iran has already made it clear that it has not intention to weaponize its uranium refinement program, as Israel has done-clandestinely and then has propagated said technology during a decade in 80’s to the racist Apartheid regime of South Africa.

The Iranian foreign minister Zarif, has also replied in fluent english to NBC’s Anne Courie when she asked why should Iran expect the U.S. to believe it, that it does not expect the U.S. to “believe” it, but it expects and asks for verification by intrusive inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The insolence, arrogance, ignorance of history, recklessness, and lack of patriotism, and respect for our democratic system’s values displayed by these 47 desperate and their profoundly myopic and corrupted as well as, in some cases, racist Republicans seems to know no bounds and has stepped way over that proverbial  line in unprecedented and, up to the last weeks,  unimaginable ways, doing irreversibly damage to themselves as well as damage to the United States’ prestige  in this spectacle which has their party and its neocon cohorts in the industrial military complex, as well as in the undue influence interests arena of particularly the American Israel Political Action committee (AIPAC), and in the present Israeli power structure of misleader PM Netanyahu of Israel which is now facing tenths of thousands of protesters in its own capital Tel Aviv.

These 47 Republican senators are hysterically attempting to sabotage the commendable diplomacy by President Obama, and most egregiously they are thereby sabotaging a process of peaceful potential conflict resolution as it is entering a delicate stage in the coming weeks, and are thereby increasing the risk of a war with Iran which would have literally catastrophic consequences.

Hence these 47 Republican senators are now on record as being literally hell bent – again – to repeat the calamity of the Cheney/Bush war on Iraq in 2003 which was carried  out on the basis of outright falsehoods and has resulted in the collapse of Iraq’s civil society and has fueled the wave of incarceration of innocents, the death of thousands of Americans and more than one hundred thousand Iraqis, and now has fueled the political support for the emergence of the Islamic State movement.   The New York Times Editorial board has even called for the indictment and prosecution of Cheney and Bush and others responsible for that  war and ensuing period of torture aboard by the United States as Bush was lying about it by denying.

So, it is now an imperative that these 47 Republican signatories to this act of treason (defined as a violation of the allegiance to one’s state) which in effect constitutes the attempt of sabotaging peace talks by the White House and Department of State , be now held accountable by the Department of Justice and/or be severely punished politically.

To end and complement this article the following facts must be taken into account

(a) Immediately after launching the effort to scuttle the Iran deal , Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) met secretively at a meeting of the weapons industry contractors.  The Washington Post, inter alia,  reported this via its writer Dana Milbank in an article dated March 11, 2015 titled “The State of Republicania”.

(b) The same Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) who spearheaded the writing of the treasonous letter to Iran,  received $ 1 million dollars for his election from the Emergency Committee for Israel run by pundit neocon pundit Bill Kristol, reported, inter alia, by Intercept as well as Democracy Now on March 11, 2015.

(c) While Israel PM Netanyahu falsely and obsessively claims that Israel is facing an “existential threat” from Iran, the truth is that there is no basis for this allegation and in fact it is Israel which has since 1948 been more than just a “threat” to the Palestinians and its neighbor Lebanon which it has invaded more than once, and Syria whose Golan Heights it invaded and annexed, but also which has stolen 75% of the lands of the autochthonous Palestinians, evicted close to 1 million from their lands, has carried out massacres in said lands, and has acquired clandestinely the only arsenal of nuclear WMD in the Middle East by an accord between Republican President Nixon who was forced to resign in disgrace and between Israel PM Golda Meyer who disgracefully had the temerity to declare that “…there is no such thing as Palestine...”

(d)  Pakistan which has developed nuclear WMD, just as India has, now has ballistic missiles which can carry such weapons, namely the Shaheen-III missiles, which can reach up to 1,700 miles, i.e, anywhere in India, in the Middle East including Israel,  and Iran, and yet no one in Israel sees that as an “existential threat” to Israel while Pakistan is actually a much more unstable and undemocratic and volatile nation than Iran is or has been, hence a double standard proof of the falsehood of the revisionist Zionist claim against Iran, where  some 25,000 Jews live in harmony with non-Jews and have no intention of emigrating.

(e) The characterization that Iran is a “Holocaust denier” is a deliberate falsehood perpetuated by rote ad nauseam proclamations by revisionist Zionist/neocon propaganda machine that has been long ago exposed, yet the mainstream media has not covered it.

(f) The characterization of Hezbollah as somehow a “terrorist” organization funded by Iran is also perpetuated by rote ad nauseam proclamations by revisionist Zionist/neocon propaganda that has also been exposed, and yet again the mainstream media has not given this the due coverage, unlike in this case the Guardian of London has, as shown infra, in an article on the subject by Sami Ramadi.

Sami Ramadani: it is a legitimate resistance movement backed by the Lebanese people

Attempts to brand Hezbollah as a terrorist organization are not only futile but fly in the face of the facts of this movement and its history. Like all genuine resistance movements, the Lebanese resistance, led by Hezbollah, was born as a reaction to occupation. And like all successful resistance movements, it draws its strength from the backing of the overwhelming majority of the occupied people. Indeed Hezbollah is the product of not one but two occupations: those of Palestine and Lebanon. Today it is seen by most people in Lebanon not only as of the force that ended Israeli occupation of most of the invaded Lebanese territories but as the shield that defends Lebanon from future Israeli invasion and occupation.”

(g) Israel fingerprints are all over the Republican letter to Iran, but the mainstream media is largely attempting to not report on this fact of utmost importance.

To conclude, the time is now more than ripe for a major and drastic reform in our democracy designed to expunge from it the toxic and therefore way out of sync with the best interests of our nation of the undue influences of the collusion of the neocon/revisionist Zionist/industrial military complexes which are literally ruining our lives and our aspirations for the future generation in this potentially great nation which must learn to lead by the power of example and end its fallacious and destructive adventurism of trying to lead by an example of misappropriated power which can only, and not in the very long run, destroy it.

One thought on “The GOP’s Shocking And Treasonous Iran Letter Has Achieved Critical Mass and a Seminal Moment Which Marks and Exposes the Degradation Ad Nauseum of The Republicans as a Party To Our American Democracy

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Indeed – a poisonous letter fueling the continuous stream of fanatical propaganda coming from Zionist Israel and our corporate-owned mainstream media, along with their cohorts in the entire military- industrial complex. Thanks always for all your amazing, tireless efforts to speak Truth to Power!

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