The Bernie Phenomenon Has Finally Hillary Clinton Ebbing Her High Water Mark : In Desperation She Now Talks Her Talk Plagiarized in Part from Bernie but Has Not in the Past Nor Will in the Future Walk the Walk


February 10, 2016 by Alfred

Hillary Clinton was never a “progressive” Democrat nor is it in her genes to now become one.

The best way to characterize Hillary Clinton’s politically is as a neoliberal, and this characterization in effect is analogous, although not identical , to that of a neoconservative, aka, a “neocon”.

When the Republican neocons, most particularly the neocon regime of Cheney/Bush et al., decided to, on the basis of claims which were unadulterated fabrications, to mislead America into the invasion and war on Iraq in 2003, something which led to the catastrophic consequences we are experiencing to this day in 2016, Hillary Clinton unhesitatingly went along with their false narratives and with the ensuing violent, scandalous bombarding, invasion, and occupation of Iraq, whose consequence was exclusively the waste of thousands of precious and innocent American and Iraqi lives, not to mention the destruction of infrastructure and institutions in Iraq which then facilitated the incursion of Al Qaeda into Iraq, a phenomenon which later lead to the rise of ISIS (aka Daesh) since a major component of the fighters and weaponry used in its rise can be directly traced to the U.S. destruction of the military institutions of the Bath government of Iraq.

When the Republican neocons along with the right-wing extremist misleader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, decided to undertake an intrusion by collusion of said Netanyahu into the U.S. Congress in opposition to the stated will of the White House,  in order to try  to sabotage the successful initiative by President Obama and the world’s top industrial powers (the P5+1 group) to engage diplomatically with the Iranian moderate government of Rouhani along with our partners, the neoliberal Hillary Clinton, joined the Republican neocons in opposition to this peaceful and commendable initiative which succeeded in resolving the long pending impasse on the nuclear issue with Iran.

Mr. Netanyahu, was the object of more than one Israeli police investigation for misusing government funds for his personal benefit, and is also being currently investigated by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian people, most particularly focused on the killing of volunteers on board of the Freedom Flotilla who were bringing humanitarian relief supplies to the people of Gaza who were the victims of a massacre in the Summer of 2014 when Israel’s bombing killed some 2,700 mostly unarmed civilians, including 500 children.

None of this has bothered Hillary Clinton as she was and is totally devoted to the super undue influence Israel lobby which includes AIPAC.

In fact Hillary Clinton has consistently adopted the identical posture which the Republican neocons adopt as regard to the violations of international law by Israel.  She has only recently declared at a Brookings Institution speech to a right-wing extremist Zionist audience that, when elected, the first thing she will do will be to invite Israel’s Netanyahu to the White House.

No liberal, incorruptible, progressive Democrat or independent would have uttered such a mind-boggling irrational sentence, given how much abuse the people of Palestine have endured since the 1948 so-called “war of independence” by the Zionist settlers in Palestine.

In fact, Hillary Clinton, during the nomination debate with Barak Obama when he declared that if he won the presidency he would negotiate with Iran on the nuclear issue, had the temerity to declare “… have you not shame, Mr. Obama…” for his rational proposal to negotiate a peaceful solution to the impasse with Iran.

In the U.S. News online issue of January 22, 2016 the moment in 2008 when Clinton verbally assaulted Barak Obama for suggesting diplomacy with Iran, a deja vu, moment is captured as it exposes her repeating the same nonsense in her attempt in vain to put Bernie Sanders on an unnecessary defense.

Here is that U.S. News relevant portion excerpt.

[“Irresponsible and frankly naive.” That’s how then Sen. Hillary Clinton criticized the foreign policy approach of then Sen. Barack Obama in 2007. And we all know how that turned out.

If you’re a politics watcher, you’d be forgiven for experiencing a bit of deja vu over the last 48 hours courtesy of the Clinton campaign. Just like she did during the 2008 primary cycle, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is characterizing her opponent’s foreign policy positions – and particularly his stance toward Iran – as insufficiently thought-through, attempting to unmask him as a novice who is in over his head. It’s not any likelier to work this time around. ]

This neoliberal criticism of President Obama is exactly what the Israeli misleader Netanyahu and his sycophantic Republican neocon 47 senators wanted to hear.    Among said neocon senators was the neoliberal Cuban-American Senator of New Jersey,  Bob Menendez who thus far has refused to resign after being indicted on corruption charges.    Birds of a feather flock together.

So, Hillary Clinton has consistently joined the chorus of Republican neocons and a sprinkling of Democratic neoliberals who colluded with Netanyahu’s right-wing extremist power structure, and who relentlessly have engaged in dangerous, hysterical, arrogant, and ignorant fear and hate incitement to vilify Iran and glorify the Israel’s outlaw practices,  thereby  risking  another war which would have led to even more profound catastrophic consequences for the U.S. and the unstable Middle East.

It is also noteworthy that Hillary Clinton has consistently adopted the posture which only Republican neocons have adopted as regard to the violations of international law by Israel.  To add insult to injury, Hillary Clinton has only recently declared at a Brookings Institution speech to a right-wing extremist Zionist audience that, when elected, the first thing she will do will be to invite Israel’s the same disgraced PM Netanyahu to the White House, a man who so egregiously offended President Obama and thereby, a vast majority of the American people.

Again,  no liberal, incorruptible, progressive Democrat or independent would have uttered such a mind-boggling irrational sentence, given how much abuse the people of Palestine have endured since the 1948 so-called “war of independence” by the Zionist settlers in Palestine.

The plot thickens and more historical documentation proves with an abundance of redundancy that Hillary is not a Democratic liberal progressive by any stretch of the imagination.   Hillary Clinton had no right to shamelessly and whiningly  portray herself as some kind of a “victim” and speciously accuse Bernie Sanders for, what she falsely characterized as a continuous “smear campaign against her,  by his stating – correctly – that she was not a progressive and that she accepted Wall Street money for giving speeches such firms as Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs had to pay the U.S. government a fine of $ 5 billion dollars for defrauding its investors yet no one went to prison.   While on the one hand the Hillary Clinton claimed to be “dead broke” on the other facts clearly established the she received $ 675,000 dollars from Goldman Sachs alone for giving speeches to that Wall Street firm, but most noteworthy the claim of “being dead broke” stands in stark contrast with the fact that the Clintons made $ 115 million dollars giving speeches.

The Democracy Now program in an interview with Lee Fang of The Intercept captures aspects of how the Clinton’s were rewarded by Wall Street firms and most noteworthy is the moment when Lee Fang asks Hillary Clinton if she would provide a transcript of the a speech she gave to Goldman Sachs, she laughs it off and walks away from him.

Hillary Clinton, joined the regressive neocons since she started her political career by opposing strenuously any diplomatic initiative which would end more than a half century of a trade embargo and U.S. travel ban for Americans as regards Cuba.

It so happens that in 1959 the Cuban people cast themselves off the yoke of the then U.S. supported autocratic dictatorship of Fulgencio Baptista.   This event triggered an aggressive isolation imposition on Cuba by the U.S. which had the objective of getting the people of Cuba to suffer enough economical hardship which would lead to their overthrow of their government.  This never happened to this day.  To this day Hillary Clinton opposed any dialogue with the Cuban government.  President Obama to his great credit and in coordination with the progressive Pope Francis entered into secret diplomacy with the Cuban government for 18 months and today we have a U.S. embassy in Havana and a Cuban in Washington, D.C.

Had Hillary Clinton, the neoliberal, been elected president this would not have happened.

When it comes to Hillary Clinton’s opposition to Bernie Sanders’ vision of a single payer public health system, she criticizes it as if it was some kind of a socialist utopia dream when  in reality it is a system that is alive and well serving the citizens of such nations as Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and Germany to name a few.

Again, Hillary Clinton’s agenda is to discredit the well seasoned incorruptible, progressive liberal, highly rational, consistent, and dedicated public service veteran and former mayor of Burlington, Senator Bernard Sanders, as some kind of “socialist” dreamer.

Hillary Clinton has a few days ago enlisted the support for her campaign of her friend, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.  Madeleine Albright obliged and declared publicly that “…there is a special place in hell for women who do not support each other…”.

Presumably this rather feeble-minded sexist declaration was meant to rally unthinking women to rush to the polls to support Hillary Clinton, but it backfired badly.

This has been a standard catch phrase for Albright which has come up time and time again. It reflects that both, Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright are out of touch with the times, it reflects a rather disrespectful stance toward modern thinking women who do not vote for any candidate on the base of their gender.   This makes such a so-called show of support, nothing but boring, false, and inapplicable, posturing.

It must be noted that Hillary Clinton’s friend, Madeleine Albright, made history when Connie Chung of CBS’s  60 Minutes program,  asked Albright  that given the onslaught of the intense campaign of Iraq bombing by the neocon regime of  Cheney/Bush et al. based on utterly false claims, tenths of thousands of children died as a result of diseases caused by the destruction and contamination of the water supply of Baghdad by sewage effluents, whether this horrific humanitarian disaster still made this bombing campaign worthwhile.   Albright’s stunningly disgusting response was that “yes, it was well worth it“.

With friends such as Madeleine Albright, and such as Debbie Schultz Wasserman, the controversial chairwoman of the DNC who blocked the Sanders campaign access to its campaign list after it was the DNC’s  fault that the Sanders campaign was sent the list of the Clinton’s campaign as a result of a screw up on their part,  one can easily infer that, Hillary Clinton does not need enemies.

Bottom line is that Hillary Clinton’s now desperate attempts to be in denial of the reality that she will most probably not become the nominee for the presidential election simply because of her past record as an endorser of failed narratives and policies of the extreme right wing neocons, coupled to the fact that Bernie Sanders represents a genuine movement away from greed, militarism, racism, and inequality and is the candidate making the clearest, most consistent, case for the inauguration of a genuine participative progressive and humanist democratic experience which will united decent peace, justice, and prosperity yearning Americans as probably never before.

The mantra that Hillary Clinton misuses which when she incredibly states that “had I know then what I know now...” is bizarre, specious, disingenuous,  and irrelevant.

As mentioned supra, the documentation is abundant of the neoliberal Hillary Clinton cozy relationship with Wall Street who pays her typically over $200 thousand dollars for her “speeches” there, coupled to her cozy relationship with such undue influence toxic super pacs as AIPAC which tries to perpetuate our payment of some 3.5 billion dollars a year and more,  from our taxpayers funds to Israel which is now a liability to the best interests of the U.S. by standing in defiance of United Nations resolutions and of international law due to its invasions, occupations,  land annexations, illegal settlement constructions, collective punishments, and house demolitions of the Palestinian resistance put up by the legitimate owners Palestinian owners of their lands for centuries, only buttresses Hillary Clinton’s corrupt and lucrative commitments  which she now tries frantically to disavow.

What is most pathetic is that as Hillary Clinton’s Democratic and independent support now dwindles at an exponential rate of progression, particularly after the results of the New Hampshire primary were announced, bizarrely and dishonestly now Hillary Clinton seems like she decided to  literally engage in plagiarizing from the Bernie Sanders narrative by expropriating his values and objectives as if they belong to her.   Clinton’s desperation and greed for power must be clouding her rather intelligent functionalities otherwise she would not assume that the electorate is not intelligent enough to recognize her farce.

This chameleonic show reaches ad nauseam and ad absurdum dimensions and can only further alienate voters who once believed her.

At this point therefore, Hillary Clinton, not only does not need any enemies, and by her behavior she is becoming her own worst enemy.

What is most important to note is that with “we the people” arrived at the historical cusp of a moment which will irreversibly lead to a vibrant reconstruction of our society in the such areas as ethics, governance transparency, electoral reform with the repeal of the infamously absurd Citizens United v. FEC ruling by the Supreme Court, homeland infrastructure repair, homeland drastic transportation upgrades starting with a network of railroads which will accommodate badly needed bullet trains, drastic cutting in militarist power projections abroad, ending the undue influence of the industrial-military complex  which President Eisenhower warned us about, a re-directing  the billions or trillions dollar in saving incurred by the closure of unnecessary military bases abroad to areas such as education, social security, job creations and so on.

If united we reconstruct, the decent, fiscally responsible, genuine conservatives who have let the putrefying Republican party, a party which may well become extinct in a foreseeable future, will undoubtedly rise to the occasion and join the collective reconstruction movement.    This movement has a tremendous win-win potential for all sincerely concerned and interested in rendering America a more justly equalized and humane society, with peace through justice for all.   Rights and obligations go hand in hand and are only effective we are equalized under the constitutional law and if money is perpetually taken out of politics.

Finally we will also be able to debunk the phony  narrative encapsulated by the word “exceptionalism” which neocons invoke as  rote meme in their feeble-minded attempt to brainwash the American people to perpetuate our wasteful spending in futile and provocative wars which they, for self-serving perverse objectives, see as benefiting  their investments in the war industry.

Finally we will be liberated from the notion that we must “lead the world” by the example of  power and will thereby begin to “inspire the world” by the power of example.



4 thoughts on “The Bernie Phenomenon Has Finally Hillary Clinton Ebbing Her High Water Mark : In Desperation She Now Talks Her Talk Plagiarized in Part from Bernie but Has Not in the Past Nor Will in the Future Walk the Walk

  1. John Triplett says:

    Thank you very much for the well researched documentation of not only Neoconservative deplorable behavior but also that of Secretary Clinton. I agree that she is hard put to claim a progressive mantle and must either return the Wall Street contributions and payments or contribute them to the UNHCR to aid the refugee situation in Syria.

  2. Toad says:

    Now that’s a title! :0)

    Couldn’t agree more…

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