An Addendum to the Previous Article Titled : ” With Trump the Likely Nominee, Clinton’s Presidential Electability Without Sanders is Highly Questionable”


May 7, 2016 by Alfred

As an addendum to the previous AP article titled “With Trump the Likely Nominee,  Clinton’s Presidential Electability Without Sanders is Highly Questionable”, this writer posits the following thought.

Bernie Sanders, as the first potential president, or vice-president, of Jewish background, would be formidably and uniquely positioned as the noble, humanist, rationalist he is, to finally engage constructively with the progressive Jewish community in the United States and abroad, as well with the progressive liberal Jews in Israel, and with the UN, to once and for all end the festering conflict which was generated by the violent and reckless implantation of Israel into the land of the Palestinians.

Given that Bernie Sanders owes no deference or favors or commitments to anyone but the peace with justice aspiring peoples of  the U.S.,  Israel, and Palestine, regardless of their religions, he would be widely acclaimed and respected by all but the most right-wing extremist fanatic incendiaries, who must be sidelined,  as Sanders embarked on an initiative to bring an end to the conflict which threatens to further aggravate and whose spreading flames would engulf us in irreparable ways if not extinguished now.

The best interests of our nation and its national security as well as that of the Palestinians and Israelis would be served by the ending of the occupation and the initiation of either the two-state solution or the one state solution.

This endeavor must be one of the most urgent initiatives of this year, and it can be started even prior to the election.

The peace dividends which will result from merely the serious initiation of this process coupled to its inspiring effects on the whole Middle East, would enormously contribute to defuse the Daesh appeal and effectiveness and would usher in an era of healing co-reconstruction unparalleled in the history of our relations with the Middle East which have been so tarnished due to the pernicious interests which enabled and created engendered the catastrophic war of “independence” in 1948.

For those not acquainted with the Argentum Post’s voice that of this writer it may be relevant to ad that this writer is the son of parents who survived the Nazi genocidal atrocities against the humanity of Jews and others.

One thought on “An Addendum to the Previous Article Titled : ” With Trump the Likely Nominee, Clinton’s Presidential Electability Without Sanders is Highly Questionable”

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    I wholeheartedly agree; however, since Bernie has been relatively passive about Israel’s apartheid regime and war crimes, I don’t expect he’ll take the lead on this critical issue.

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