A Sequel to the “Non-Violence” Inspired Article Which Calls for an End of Lie Generated Wars

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May 12, 2016 by Alfred

This article is a brief addendum to the most recent Argentum Post article published on May 11, 2016 titled “A Photo of This AP Writer in Front of “Non-Violence” in Honor and in Memory of its Creator, Carl Fredrik Reutersward ”

This succinct article provides the readers of the Argentum Post, particularly but not exclusively, those who read the said previous article, further evidence of how dishonesty has been linked to most of our wars initiated often on as specious grounds as the Ronald Reagan used when he ordered bombing of the tiny island of Granada, an event which resulted in the killing of medical students at a medical university there, while Reagan claims that it was a “day when we stood tall”.  The reason for that attack was to kill Cuban engineers who were involved in the modernization of the airport of Granada, so as to better accommodate tourists.

With this foreword, this writer shines the limelight on one the books written by  David Swanson, who is a journalist, author, radio show host, and was a Noble Peace Prize nominee. The book’s title is “War Is A Lie“.

Legendary whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg, whose release of the Pentagon Papers has helped to bring an end to the Vietnam war and which would have resulted in he impeachment of the lying President Nixon had he not resigned in disgrace, commented on this book by saying that it is “A terrific tool for recognizing and resisting war lies before it is too late“.

Needless to say, Daniel Ellsberg, who another lying war monger, namely Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, called outrageously  “the most dangerous man in America“, in effect saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans and Vietnamese had he not blown his whistle on this criminal war.

In “War is a Lie” Swanson argues that, while the prevention of a U.S. bombing campaign in Syria in 2013 and the upholding of a nuclear agreement with Iran in 2015 left much to be desired, they also provide grounds for encouragement, and were built on the public understanding of the lies about Iraq that had been promoted in 2002-2003 by such public figures as Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton.

Swanson argues for a different understanding of current U.S. wars in the Middle East / Western Asia,  from that most often promoted on television. Frightening beheading videos, he suggests, were intended to draw the United States into war, and succeeded only because the U.S. public is not yet sufficiently resistant to such dishonest manipulation.

The teachings of David Swanson are most particularly relevant as we now proceed into one of the most exasperating presidential campaigns in U.S. history, since neither likely nominee, be it Trump, nor much less Hillary Clinton will keep us out war(s) given Trump’s irrational and inflammatorily impulsive behavior, and given Hillary’s documented background as a hawkish supporter of the destructive and treasury funds deflecting support of the militarization of our foreign policy, as she has shown in, inter alia, her support for the war on Iraq based on lies.

Additionally it should be noted that at this very moment, there are individuals in our government who are trying to continue to prevent the American people from reading the content of 28 pages of documentation which is enclosed in a vault under the Capitol building and which, according to former Senator Bob Graham, the former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is pursuing claims of Saudi government and private sector involvement in the September 11, 2001 criminal attacks of the World Trade Center.

On April 13, 2015, the New York Times’ Carl Hulse, has reported on this development, and on April 10, 2016 CBS has aired a “60 Minutes” further elaborating on it, and today, May 12, 2016 The Washington Post has published an article by the conscientious and honest Senator, further elaborating on the crucial imperative that said documents be made public, most particularly as the documentably violently oppressive dictatorship of Saudi Arabia is now threatening the U.S. to sell $ 850 billion dollars  of U.S. Savings bonds it holds,  if the American people is allowed to see what the Saudis want to hide in said documents.

As long as President Obama is still the President, it would seem inconceivable that he would not authorize the release of these documents, in his supposedly full  pursuit of the truth wherever it takes us, and additionally in respect of those killed in 9/11 and their loved ones, not to mention selfless and brave law enforcement officers and fire and rescue officers who either lost their lives or were gravely injured as the first responders to this immense tragedy.

The NYTimes article by Carl Hulse is title is “Florida Ex-Senator Pursues Claims of Saudi Ties to Sept. 11 Attacks.”

The Washington Post article by Ex-Senator and Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Bob Graham, is titled “ It’s Time We Release the Uncensored Truth About 9/11

To continue to cover up the truth about 9/11 to protect any terrorism supporting entity, individual or state, is in itself a crime.

To continue to wage wars based on lies is beyond the pale and must end once for all.  No more “Perpetual Wars for Perpetual Oil” or for any other reason.

It is time for us to rebuild, reform, and renovate our dedication to ethics based on honest integrity, and one of the first priorities in that endeavor must become the removal of money from politics.

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