The 2016 Choice-Less Election Begs for Democracy Upgrade via the Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) System Now


September 22, 2016 by Alfred

The Washington Post published an article on September 22, 2016 which was written by the creative, and otherwise excellent and inspiring journalist E.J. Dionne, Jr. which was titled “America Will Decide for the World”

Essentially he argues for the need of American voters to vote for Hillary Clinton to prevent a Donald Trump victory.

The last paragraph of said article ends as follows as regards to Hillary Clinton :
” …she is the only person standing between us and a United States that abandons our shared commitment to the ideals of inclusion, toleration and, yes, democracy itself.

Well said, up to a point, namely Dionne’s reference to  “ideals of inclusion” and to “democracy itself“.

Sapient voters are fully aware of how fatally flawed Hillary Clinton’s character and track record are.

The Argentum Post is replete with articles documenting how this former Barry Goldwater Republican who inherited a corporatist/militarist value system from her father and who has documentably demonstrated to be a hawkish hegemonic neoliberal who not only supported the neocon Cheney/Bush war on Iraq on false claims, but has as well shown her support for dictators such as the Hosni Mubarak 30-year Egyptian murderous and thievish  oppression of democracy, and in 2009 pushed hard in support of not characterizing a “coup” the crashing of the democracy of Honduras headed by the democratically elected President Zelaya, who was abducted in the middle of the night by thugs who took over the government and have carried out targeted assassinations against labor organizers and human rights and environmental preservations activist as the young Berta Careers, and has shown her support for the Saudi Arabian incursion in Bahrain to help the Bahraini dictatorship to put down murderously “Arab Spring” democracy activists , has been uncritically deferential to the misleader of Israel, PM Netanyahu, and to the right-wing extremist Israeli AIPAC lobby ,  and so on and on.

It is no coincidence that in both Honduras and Bahrain the U.S. has military bases.
It is no coincidence that Saudi Arabia is pays tons of petrodollars for their purchase of weaponry from the U.S. with which is has now carried out a massacre in Yemen which has killed double the number of mostly unarmed innocent civilians as the Netanyahu massacre in Gaza in the Summer of 2014 has killed.  It is now 6 thousand deaths in Yemen, including 1 thousand children, and in Gaza it was close to 3 thousand deaths including 500 children.

Without further delving into the vicissitudes of decades during which Hillary Clinton documentably demonstrated her chameleonic, manipulative deceptions in support of greedy interests, at the expense of democratic principles, it became clear that not only Donald Trump is not an acceptable candidate for the presidency, but neither his Hillary Clinton, and this poses a historical debacle of huge proportions for our country as this is a the classic “Catch 22” election which has no antecedent.

Therefore to return to the concluding article of E.J.Dionne Jr. article,  titled “America Will Decide for the World” published on 09/22/2016 wherein he states about Hillary Clinton that “…she is the only person standing between us and a United States that abandons our shared commitment to…inclusion, toleration, and yes, democracy itself “, one might agree that as compared to the choice of Donald Trump this would  appear on the surface to seem to be the case, but in reality it is not.

Just as when an individual  of a higher than average nutritional/health consciousness is given the choice of being served a Coca Cola or a Pepsi Cola, neither one is acceptable, as both are toxic, the same is the case when sapient voters are confronted with the surreal challenge of having to choose between a Donald Trump and a Hillary Clinton.

It seems that this quagmire cannot and must not happen in a genuinely functional participative, all-inclusive democracy which obviously not what we have, particularly now, when our democracy is under a sinister  and corrosive plutocratic gradual occupation by neocons and neoliberal who are hell-bent on marginalizing genuine well-meaning conservatives and liberals AND progressive,rational, peaceful conflict resolution aspiring independents.

So the “choice”  we are asked to make is not a choice. Period.

 The third-party candidate Jill Stein, is by far to sapient voters  who are aware of Clinton’s fatally flawed character and record, and who are aware of Jill Stein’s superbly superior character and track record, deemed to be the only person to vote for, provided our democracy was perfected to allow for Stein to run via the Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) system in her third-party.
However the concept of a third-party, of the Instant Runoff System, and of the Jill Stein candidacy is suppressed , distorted, dismissed, and by the corporatized media and by essentially all establishment neocons, neoliberals.
 This way literally tenths of millions of Americans who could and would vote for Jill Stein (who would most probably have won the election)  AND designate Hillary Clinton as the recipient of their vote, should Jill not be elected by a majority which actually exists for Jill right now, since given the flawed pseudo democratic system we now  have and given the flawed character of both candidates, those millions of disenchanted decent conservatives, liberals, and progressive independents  will  most probably abstain from voting at all, something that should never happen in a genuinely functional representative democracy.
We are therefore experiencing the most serious democracy crisis in history, when what appears to be a majority are robbed of  their right of speech via a vote and are being accused of being “spoilers” to boot since very few Americans are even aware that the Instant Runoff Voting or IRV system used by Australia and other vibrant democracy, would allow them to vote without the negative consequences which had an effect on our year 2000 election when crucial votes needed by Gore were siphoned off by the legendary Ralph Nader who was erroneously and unfairly blamed and criticized for the loss which was due to the establishment corrupted politicians attempt to lock-in the IRV progressive evolution, so their plutocratic class can continue to give voters the illusion of a choice which is no choice at all, it is a perverse charade.
As the tremendous success of the Bernie Sanders campaign demonstrated thanks to the movement of anti – establishment, anti neocons and anti neolibs, it was clearly established, that “we the people” have been galvanized by a real potential strength through rationality and humanity which will once for all end the corrosive effects of political and financial greed and corruption, coupled to an end to our hegemonic aggressive obsessive compulsive invasions and bombings abroad while hemorrhaging blood and treasury on a $ 900 billion so-called defense budget and maintaining hundreds of military bases throughout the a world which is begging for creative, intelligent, constructive, humane solutions.
Had the Democratic National Committee’s scandalous attempt to sabotage by behind the scenes slimy attempts to discredit Sanders which were exposed by leaked documents, and which forced the resignation of its director Debbie Wasserman Schultz who immediately was hired by her friend Hillary Clinton for her campaign and who then bizarrely and historically on specious grounds accused the President of Russia to be the one to blame for
that scandal’s revelation, the momentum of the historical new progressive tsunami motion would have rolled on and “we the people” would have spoken in decisive ways, which is not to say that said movement and our voice have been inactivated.

One thought on “The 2016 Choice-Less Election Begs for Democracy Upgrade via the Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) System Now

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    For sure IRV would help plug one of the many holes in our rigged election process. Also, why can’t we have receipts in order to verify our votes were actually recorded on a government website? Our identities could be protected by using our voter registration # only… Because it’s all RIGGED!

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