“The Mother of All Bombs” : Insulting, Brutal, Irrational, Reckless, Immoral, and Counter Productive


April 15, 2017 by Alfred

The mere characterization of a bomb as the “Mother of all Bombs” is a major grotesque insult.


This Mother Bomb  was just dropped by the Trump misadministration in Afghanistan, where it typically  sucked up the air in a circle which has a diameter of    one mile (1.6 kilometers) and then literally inflamed said air, something which then killed everyone caught up in this blazing inferno.

Regardless whether those killed are the Daesh (aka “Islamic State” – which is neither) criminals, it most probably will also engulf countless innocent, unarmed, children, women, men, and the sick and elderly which will then be characterized perversely as “collateral damage”.

This surreal insanity cannot be allowed to occur anywhere, and in no civilized human society can its use can be condoned.

Instead of defusing, isolating, containing, and thereby defeating Daesh, this macabre product of the industrial military complex will in effect accomplish the opposite of what it is theoretically, or allegedly meant to accomplish.

This insultingly characterized “Mother of All Bombs” which will kill mothers and their husbands and their children, grandchildren, and parents, and grandparents and the net effect will be the generation of a whole new wave of radicalized reprisal suicidal fighters which will further cause horrendous violence in the Middle East, Afghanistan, and in the metropolitan centers of our cities, thereby increasing the threat to our national security.

The only winners of this monstrosity will be the industrial military complex, its investors, and the utterly corrupted, greedy, hawkish, dishonest, hegemonist politicians who, to add insult to injury will falsely claim that the United States and Israel,  as being bizarrely  “exceptionalist” and “supremacist” societies somehow have the “right” to carry this crime out pre-emptively.

Needless to assert is the fact that ”exceptionalism” and “supremacism” are mythical fabrications of the neo-fascit, neo-conservative, neo-liberal, racist, right-wing extremist, elites of the U.S. and Israel who have used nuclear weapons, napalm, white phosphorus, and cluster bombs on innocent unarmed civilians in Japan, Vietnam, Gaza, and elsewhere, and who, along with Britain, have sold billions of dollars worth of armaments to the world’s most oppressive, authoritarian, and murderous dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chile and many others.

It also must be noted that the Israel  Zionist power structure misadministration has a so-called “think tank” known as “BESA” led by a former General called Efrain Anbar, who has sent representatives to the Israel lobby AIPAC in  order to push for the “preservation of part of the Daesh (“Islamic State”) criminals so as to use Daesh to attack and destabilize, and destroy, Iran, which is a stable, emerging economy, run my a rational, democratically elected reformist President Rouhani, and  which is actively involved in the fight on eliminate the scourge of Daesh and is a nation which reaches out to its Shia community in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq where they are the victims of massacres carried  out by extremist primal Sunnis who are supported by our so-called ally , Saudi Arabia.

The world via the UN, UNESCO, International Court of Justice, must step up to their duties, along with all of the peace and justice focused NGO’s, and all of the world’s peoples to unite as never before to end once for all the corruption and the imperial, racist supremacist violence, if we are to prevail as peace and justice aspiring and deserving civilized humans.


One thought on ““The Mother of All Bombs” : Insulting, Brutal, Irrational, Reckless, Immoral, and Counter Productive

  1. We’re on the precipice of World War 3! Also, I believe we’ll discover that Israel has far more to do with destruction and devastation of the Middle East than anyone is investigating. Thanks for always speaking truth to evil power!

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