“We the People” Are Being Held Hostage by the Chaotic Intra-Mural Fight Between Trumpians, Neolibs, and Neocons


May 11, 2017 by Alfred


“We the People” deserve much better than to have our nation’s priorities sidelined by a trilogy of bad, incompetent, unethical, dishonest, greedy, hegemonic, and corrupted corporatists and militarists actors who are obstructing the tremendous potential of America from becoming all it can be,   as inspiringly and effectively the framer’s of our constitutional democracy have clearly established.

At this probably lowest point in our history, “we the people” have been relegated to become passive observers as said trilogy of actors as they reveal themselves as utterly inept in comprehending that they must serve us and not vice-versa.

The trumpians seem hell-bent on impulsively, and irrationally move to overthrow the 20th century of constitutional legislative enhanced civil rights, human rights (most particularly our human right to decent public health care), and the notion that once we become signatory to international treaties which have created international organizations such as the United Nations, UNESCO, the International Court of Justice, and so forth, their laws become the law of the land, to promote peaceful conflict resolution by high-caliber diplomacy, to lead to nuclear disarmament world-wide as the NPT Treaty, Article VI calls for, and this affects a whole host of other international treaties designed to promote progress, security, and safety, without engaging in violent and lawless interventionism and dismissing the human lives that has cost, obscenely as “collateral damage”.

The neocons and the neolibs have descended to the level of the trumpians and at times compete with them and at other times cooperate with them in this dangerous spiral to the bottom which is enmeshing us in endless foreign entanglements abroad against which President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech, and most importantly he mentioned the danger of the sinister “industrial military complex”.

With this foreword of admittedly generalizations which have some exceptions, the following historical facts are brought up, given that particularly the present misadministration,  but as well as the neocons and neolibs, seem to live in what Gore Vidal called the “United States of Amnesia” when it comes to historical reality.

The hysterical fixation on the phenomenon of “Russia Collusion” has warpedly evolved into some kind of a sociopathic obsession which is mostly used by the myopic neolibs to fight trumpians on the basis of no evidence whatsoever.  What in effect is being done is to revive cold war hate and fear mongering against the previous USSR to generate falsehoods about how it was NOT the corruption, dishonesty,  and decadence within the DNC led by Debbie Wasserman Schultz in coordination with the leading neolib Hillary Clinton, that lead to an election  which, after sabotaging  the Bernie Sanders nomination,  put bizarrely Donald Trump into the White House, BUT it was somehow Mr. Putin who changed the outcome of the American election .

This basic premise would be risible were it not for the seriousness of the damages and the dangers that this obsession is meting out on the best interests of our nation.

The neolibs cite falsely Russian “influence” as the cause of Clinton’s electoral defeat, the same way the right-wing extremist ethnonationalist, classists, Zionists and their neocon and neolib and trumpian supporters cite Iranian “influence” as an existential threat to Israel while Israel’s “think – tank”  BESA is exerting pressure that the scourge of Daesh (ISIS) not be totally defeated (!) as said Zionists see it as a resource to use to attack Iran, which is relatively the most stable country in the region and, which has signed on the non-nuclear proliferation treaty (NPT) , unlike Israel which has clandestinely acquired nuclear weapons and has gone as far as proliferating and assisting in assembling their nuclear weaponization technology to , of all countries, the Apartheid white supremacist regime of South Africa in mid 80’s.

This is how decrepit our misleadership and that of our so-called ally, Israel, has become.

Worse than that, most of us are not aware of much of what is going on at the moment, such as the decision by the Irish Parliament to hoist next to its flag in City Hall,  the Palestinian flag for one month, as sign of solidarity to the 1,500 hunger striking political prisoners  out of a population of some 6,500 incarcerated political prisoners who have mostly not been charged for crimes and hence not tried as it is the military authorities of the Israeli occupiers which has perpetrated this crime, while calling the victims “terrorists” – many of which are minors as young as 15 incarcerated for throwing stones at the military armored vehicles of the international law violating occupiers.

There is a huge and woeful dearth of high integrity, ethically and honestly grounded scholars in our power structure and in our Congress.

The Presidential tweets, the generalizations of our corrupted neocon/neolib politicians, demonstrate a vulgarity of the tabloid narrative kind, bereft of any connectedness to historical reality and to the urgent needs and aspirations of the American people.

For more than a century, it has been and remains the United States, with its “ally” Israel after 1967,   and Britain  which have  intervened brazenly and violently in the internal affairs and in the elections of tenths if not more major nations.  Israel’s most egregious intervention  in Latin America was during the dictatorship of Rios Montt in Guatemala where a literal genocidal war killed thousands of its autochthonous inhabitants.

According to statistics published by Global Research, the U.S. has interfered in over 81 nations’ elections.

The corporatized mainstream media has lamentably been an accessory by silence to these interventions in violation of international law.

Henry Kissinger successfully pressured the disgraced President Nixon to authorized covert funding at the rate of $ 2 million dollars provided to the millionaire owner of the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, namely Agustin Edwards Eastman,  in order to (a) sabotage the election of Dr. Salvador Allende, and having failed to prevent the election, further funding took place to (b) protect the fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet who on 9/11 of 1973 crushed the social democracy of Dr. Allende and ushered in an era of torture and targeted assassination of thousands.    One of the most authoritative sources of this Kissinger/Nixon and Reagan support for fascism which was called “Operation Condor” which lead to some 60 thousand deaths, is 550 pp. book titled “The Pinochet File : A Declassified Dossier on Atrocity and Accountability” –  A National Security Archive book by Peter Kornbluh.

Kissinger is documentably chargeable as having committed crimes against humanity not only in Chile, but as well as in Indonesia, East Timor, and Vietnam.

Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton characterized this man as her “friend”, just as she characterized the murderous dictator of Egypt for 30 years as someone she feels for “as if he was a member of her family”.  More recently in 2009 Hillary Clinton incredibly prevailed on NOT characterizing the coup, as a coup,  by thugs against the democratically elected President Zelaya of Honduras, because in her hawkish and hegemonic mindset it is not principles but interests what counts, and among these in Honduras is U.S. Palmerola military base.

The Nation magazine published an excellent article on Clinton’s embrace of the infamous former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. It was titled “Hillary Clintons Embrace of Kissinger is Inexcusable”.   Of course it is inexcusable, but it is understandable given that she as well as her predecessor at the U.S. Department of State, Madeleine Albright both embraced the war on Iraq on false claims.   Such lack of integrity and humanity gives a new dimension to the aphorism “birds of a feather flock together”.

President Trump has just had the infamous Henry Kissinger in the White House.   He also is now sending thousands of troops back to Afghanistan where recently he proudly announced that he ordered the dropping of the “Mother of All Bombs”, an obscene characterization for a bomb which absorbs  all the oxygen in a radius of one mile within which all human and animal life is extinguished.   Pope Francis aptly characterized the characterization of this bomb as atrocious since “mothers” nurture life, not destroy it.

So, here “We the People” are.   Essentially mislead, misinformed, culturally programmed, to acquiesce to having a trilogy of misleaders abandoning even the pretense that the way forward is for the benefit of the American people’s aspirations for peace, prosperity, progress, stability, and a humanistic order which recognizes and draws energy from and gives energy to our resourceful diversity.

We cannot afford to wait this nightmare out for four years.

We must and can assert our demand and yearning for our participatory democracy to give us a chance to start the progressive project the vast majority of us have had taken away from us, by “Perpetual Wars for Perpetual Oil” and for the impossible and immoral hegemonic control of the rest of the world.

The days of “regime change” abroad must and can be ended.   The concepts of “apartheid colonialism” and  “exceptionalism” and of “ethnonationalism” are non-existent in our 21st century, if we want to characterize ourselves as civilized and if we want our offspring to live in a world wherein our human genus is offered continuous survivability and evolution.

That means that peaceful means need be found NOW to end the rule of the corrupt, the incompetent, the hegemons, the social stratifiers.

If there is a will there is a way – before it is too late – which will  be arrived at to  creatively,  constitutionally, and legislatively devise means to bring us, secular and religious humanists,  together and to isolate the extremist fringes once for all.



3 thoughts on ““We the People” Are Being Held Hostage by the Chaotic Intra-Mural Fight Between Trumpians, Neolibs, and Neocons

  1. Unfortunately, the same “template” as used in 1973 Chile, making the Chilean “economy scream” in the words of mass murderer Kissinger, is being implemented in Venezuela. Because the billionaire class is coming to realize defeat is coming for their Middle East “project” (see Wesley Clark, “..seven countries in five years), their sights are set on Venezuela oil as plan B. Hopefully war is averted in Venezuela.

  2. M Estelle Spike says:

    A concise snapshot of a very bleak picture of modern day political corruption that has stolen the American Dream, as well as the dreams of millions around the World. Beautifully written, but I have little hope that there are enough enlightened people to save the Planet which Stephen Hawking gives just 100 more years. Yearning for peace!

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