The Synergy of Ignorance, Arrogance, Historical Amnesia, and Corruption by Trumpians/Neolibs/ Neocons Begs Scholarly/Rationalist/ Humanist/ Progressive Intervention


May 22, 2017 by Alfred

The surreal specter of a U.S. President (Trump) with neoliberal and neoconservative support visiting the two most egregiously oppressive and violent regimes of the Middle East, namely Saudi Arabia and Israel ,  with the primary purpose of adding fuel to fire by, in the Saudi Arabian case,  peddling sales of $110 billion dollars worth of weaponry, renders it an imperative that “we the people” organize democratically  on grassroots progressive level to usher in the immediate beginning of an era which will render us a great and therefore participative democracy again.

Books have been written about the depravity of the euphemistically called “monarchy” of Saudi Arabia, which documentably is linked by government and private sector funding of the  criminals which attacked and demolished the World Trade Center on September 11, of 2001.

Furthermore, as Trump prepared for his weapons sale deal trip, to add insult to injury, Saudi Arabia has blocked a plan to add an Islamic State Saudi affiliate to a United Nations list of terrorists.  This was reported by The Washington Post yesterday on May 21, 2017 by Joby Warrick.    This clearly makes a mockery out of any exhortation by Trump to get the Saudis to curb criminal terrorism since they are partly involved in it themselves.

Additional literature documents the total lack of democratic freedom for women in Saudi Arabia.  They are not allowed to drive and can only leave the house in company of male “guardians”.

Saudi Arabia, like Daesh (aka ISIS ) punishes its own people with public decapitations, severance of hands, and lashings for such so-called “crimes” as sexual infidelity, minor theft, and organized democracy activism.  As a documented example of the latter one can refer to  the young Saudi blogger Raif Badawi who has been sentenced to one thousand lashings in prison where he may have to spend 10 years.

Saudi Arabian troops were also invited by the ruling dictatorship of the Al Khalifa family of Bahrain to put down most violently peaceful protestors during the Arab Spring.  Doctors and nurses who tended to the needs of the attacked democracy activists were punished  by the dictatorship of Al Khalifa, but the U.S. has “interests” in Bahrain as its 5th Naval fleet base is there, so no major consequences had to be feared by the Bahraini authorities.

Since April 2, 2015 Saudi Arabia has led a coalition in attacking  Yemen from the air and this has by now led the death of 10 thousand people plus an unimaginable famine.

Obviously Trump represents the interests of the industrial military complex which President Eisenhower warned us so presciently about during his farewell speech.   Interests rule, principles and honesty can be jettisoned, and neoliberal and neoconservatives are not complaining since they pretty much buy into this calamitous decay of ethics which is now on a daily basis eroding what is left of our democracy.

Now, next stop, on this Trump trip is Israel.

Israel is another one of the Middle East’s most egregiously and violently extremist right-wing oppressive so-called state since it is in effect the product of the metamorphosis of the Judaic religion by fundamentalist Zionists  in 1948 which led by two terrorist organizations, one called Irgun led by Menachen Begin who would become a Prime Minister of the land taken over from its autochthonous Palestinian inhabitants, and the other called Stern Gang led by Yitzhak Shamir who would also become a Prime Minister of what is the implant of Israel in Palestine.

Israel is an outlaw state whose occupation and annexation of Palestine, particularly after its pre-emptively started war of 1967 render its status as one of continued violation of international law and of the Fourth Geneva convention.  This is further augmented documentably by the Zionist ideology power structure’s expulsions of close to one million Palestinians, by collective punishment house demolitions of families of reprisal militants which number about 28 thousand, and by its violation of several UN Resolutions, most importantly UN Resolution 194 which guarantees the “right of return” of the Palestinian refugees to their rightfully owned land and which now number about 5.2 million.

Israel is also contemplating not defeating totally Daesh (aka ISIS) as it seems, incredibly, interested in using Daesh to attack Iran.

The U.S. mainstream media as well as our educational institution have miserably failed us and are in dereliction of their duty to honestly and objectively inform the American people of the  massive crimes of Israel against the humanity of the Palestinians and as well are now having to face the fact the false Zionist narrative has been exposed world-wide to the point that today, the majority of particularly younger decent, humanist, Jews who follow the universalist teachings of the Torah,  have become aware of how huge the damage is that the obscurantist and false narratives of Zionism has meted out on Judaism.

A plethora of books have been written on this subject by scholarly Jews and others, but one of the most important is aptly titled  “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” by brilliant, courageous, legendary Jewish scholar, author, journalist Ilan Pappe.

So, as Trump arrives in Israel, again he will follow his interests and those of his family but not necessarily those of the American public.   His son-in-law Kushner has heavily invested in the building of illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

One possibly somewhat relatively “positive” development is that Trump has now been taught what a catastrophe it would be for the U.S. to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and he is therefore apparently backing off that nonsensical and illegal idea.

The other relatively somewhat “positive” development is that Trump has now also been taught that either the Israel occupation ends or the one-state solution is adopted which allows all Jews presently in occupied Palestine to remain there, but which calls for Palestine with its Jewish population to become a potentially vibrant democracy, but that means abiding by UN Relation 194 which allows all refugee Palestinians and their direct descendants to return.  Such a solution would inevitably have a majority Palestinian population.

But, unfortunately it looks as if Trump will simply ignore the fact that the United States and Britain have been enablers and then became complicit in the crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians since 1948.

To say that the conflict generated by the synthesis of Israel and its illegal and unethical implantation in Palestine can only be resolved by the Palestinians and by the Zionist misleaders of what has now become the Apartheid state of Israel, is the height of hypocrisy and Kafkaesque perversity.

What the U.S. must now do, is what it must NOT DO anymore, namely continuing its support for Israel at the rate of $ 10 million dollars per day, and it must get on board with the trending global embrace of the BDS peaceful movement and this will collapse politically the misleaderhip of Netanyahu which has run the Israel implant into the ground.

The rising PEACE NOW Israeli  movement along with its not so silent dissidents will step to up to the plate and joyous peace and hence prosperity may ensue.

Finally Trump is visiting the Vatican where the most progressive, Jesuit, Pope Francis, may have a positive impact on him, but the odds are not in favor of this at all.

Pope Francis is respected by all religious people as well as by individuals such as this writer who is the son of Jewish refugees from the Nazis and has decided to guide himself by secular humanist values.

The Pope, who is Argentinian, and who has already severely criticized Trump in the past has remarked at a TED2017 talk that the more powerful Trump becomes the more he is likely to   hurt others and himself.    He added the Argentinian saying “ Power is like drinking gin on an empty stomach. You feel dizzy, you get drunk, you loose your balance, and you will end up hurting yourself and those around you”.

Finally and most importantly is where Trump is NOT going, namely Iran.  And he should, particularly if he is capable of mustering sincere intentions.

The tirade encapsulated in that “… Synergy of Ignorance, Arrogance, Historical Amnesia, and Corruption by Trump/Neolibs/ Neocons…” which is part of the title of this article, is what has the American people horrifically misled by the reality of Iran.

It is utterly and shamefully disgusting and sociopathic to hysterically and dishonesty repeat the memes propagated by the likes of Netanyahu which calumniatingly depict Iran in such venomous way as to speciously culturally program masses of non-sapient people that somehow Iran is to be feared and hated.

It was the Anglo-American imperialist destabilization of Iran in 1953 which destroyed Iran’s stable socialist democracy of the Tudeh party led by Mossadegh when seculars, Christians, Jews, and Moslems lived in harmony.

That criminal move led to the imposition on the Iranian people of the murderous tyranny of the Shah Pahlavi which murdered thousands through its Savak secret service.

The 1979 popular revolution in Iran was a universally supported liberation from the yoke of the hated Shah.  Yes, the Moslem clerics got the upper hand, politically.  Yes it was wrong to invade the U.S. embassy and take its employees hostage.  It is noteworthy though that not a single hostage was harmed during the hostage crisis.

The next time the U.S. again indirectly attacked Iran it was in September of 1980 when it became complicit with, of all leaders, Saddam Hussein, who was personally embraced by Donald Rumsfeld and who receive weaponry to attack Iran.

Iran defended itself, reconstructed its oil refinery capacity, and has emerged now as the ONLY nation in the Middle East which is a functioning democracy and which has not invaded any of its neighbors.

Iran is Shiite and takes care of its Shia community in places where they are viciously attacked by Sunni extremists supported by the Saudis,  and is also attacked directly and indirectly by Israel.

Iran has now for the second time re-elected for its presidency the very moderate and very popular lawyer, academic, former diplomat, and Islamic cleric Hassan Rouhani.

Some 70 thousand Jews live happily in Iran,  and its people are friendly, sophisticated, and its women are present in all professions, and rationalist, peaceful, stability renders it a major asset in the quest for the isolation, delusion, and defeat of Daesh (aka ISIS).

Most importantly, Iran – unlike Israel – does not invade its neighbors, does not have, nor wants to have, nuclear weapons and has signed on the NPT treaty, something which not only Israel has refused to do, but to boot, in has in the mid 80’s proliferated its secretly acquired arsenal of nuclear weapons technology to, of all countries, the white supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa.  This is documented inter alia, in the book by Sasha Polakow-Suranksy titled “ The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa “.  Israel also assisted the Apartheid regime to detonate a nuclear explosive under water off the coast of South Africa.  This was confirmed to this writer during a Q & A session at the National Press Club by a retired 28 year CIA veteran, namely Paul Pillar, who stated that the CIA was aware of said denotation.

It is amazing how neoliberal politicians such as Hillary Clinton, had the temerity to disparage Obama when during the first nomination campaign she said “Mr. Obama, have you no shame in response to his promise that once elected he would negotiate with Iran to insure that Iran will limit its development of nuclear energy for exclusively peaceful objectives.

It is amazing how a neoconservative politicians such as Senator Tom Cotton has the temerity of stating maliciously and/or ignorantly that Iran must be stopped because it is out to control the region and that the proof of that is that Iran already controls Tehran …

It is more than amazing that other neoconservatives bizarrely and disgustingly make fool of themselves, such as Senator John (“bomb, bomb, bomb Iran…) McCain  who is a fully credentialed right-wing extremist hawk, who as a result of his extremist views has not only disgraced himself long ago, but also has done tremendous damage to innocent people.   Iran, from  McCain’s downright deranged perspective, should be bombed, period.  No rational explanation seems necessary.

So, to sum up, never in our history has the urgency been greater for us on a progressive, rational, humanist based platform to engage with each other regardless of race, gender, religion or any other element of a diversity which enriches us, and move assertively, disciplinedly, and peacefully to fire all of the politicians which are hell-bent on using corporatist-militarist focused means to enrich themselves and relegate us to be mere pawns who can have their safety nets guaranteeing medical care and education, plus consumer  protection, safety on our streets by strict gun control laws, environmental pollution, and other vital government functions,  robbed of funds for the sake of a perpetual state of war which generates more wars as well as the artificial need for more funds for such wars, a toxic spiral which  will socially stratify us into a quasi, if not full-fledged, fascist society.

The time to act is NOW.


2 thoughts on “The Synergy of Ignorance, Arrogance, Historical Amnesia, and Corruption by Trumpians/Neolibs/ Neocons Begs Scholarly/Rationalist/ Humanist/ Progressive Intervention

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thank you, Alfred, for another comprehensive report on the distressing and dire current issues resulting from U.S. alliances with world class criminals in the Middle East in this case. Trump is just another puppet of the Deep State. Until we bring the industrial-war industry complex and its lackeys to justice, it will only get worse, IMHO!

  2. aliceny says:

    Excellent, much-needed post, Alfred. One of the clearest, clarion calls you have
    The info on Iran is new to me – have not seen it reported by other sources – yet!

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