Our “Pluto-Populist” So-Called President Cavorts With the Guilty and Punishes the Innocent

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May 25, 2017 by Alfred

Trump’s visits to  Saudi Arabia and Israel were characterized  by several instances of Trump’s engaging in hate and fear mongering on the basis of ignorance and falsehoods against the nation of Iran.

As the illustrious and highly principled journalist E.J. Dionne has aptly expressed in his article titled “ A Budget Built on Lies and Broken Promises “ published on May 25, 2017 in The Washington Post, wherein he refers to Martin Wolf, the Financial Times columnist as characterizing our “so-called” President Trump as being a “pluto-populist” which is one whose policies benefit the plutocrats while justifying it by a faux populist rhetoric, the same applies to Trump’s foreign policy.

Said foreign policy as relates to Trump’s visit of Saudi Arabia and Israel, consisted in embracing the “guilty”, namely the (a) most oppressive and literally murderous dictatorship, called euphemistically “monarchy” of Saudi Arabia, and (b) the most unjust, oppressive, right-wing extremist, fundamentalist, hegemonic, supremacist, violator of international law, namely the now Apartheid regime of the Zionist power structure of Israel which is funded by the U.S. at the rate of some $ 10 million dollars per day, and which has invaded, occupied, annexed, Palestine and has forced out millions of its autochthonous inhabitants, while incarcerating without trial thousands, and occasionally carrying out veritable massacres against them, ostensibly to “defend” itself and all this while (c) Trump bizarrely and falsely punishes verbally the innocent nation of Iran.

Iran in fact, has not invaded any nation, and is the only nation in the Middle East which is a democracy and has now voted in again the moderate reformist President Hassan Rouhani who has along with President Trump and our European partners signed the nuclear agreement committing itself to not refine its uranium to the high percentage which renders is applicable for weaponization applications.

Iran is infinitely more democratic than any American “allies” in the Middle East.

Trump and Hillary Clinton, opposed President Obama’s commendable efforts to constructively engage with Iran.

Trump of course is out to destroy all constructive acts by the Obama administration and this is reflected in his pathological obsession against President Obama and hence against Iran, as he promised to tear up the milestone agreement between  President Obama and Iran.

Facts such as this agreement was reached not only with the U.S. but with the P5+1 countries will not be in the way of Trump’s limited intellectual capacity, a fact which was embarrassingly revealed itself again and again and most embarrassingly when in Israel, Trump declared that he had “…we arrived here from the Middle East…”

The Argentum Post has in the past covered this reality in a series of articles going back to its launching on October 2013.

The pattern of embracing oppressive authoritarian dictatorships of the Sunni Gulf states of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, while castigating the victim of their aggression Iran is not only a trumpian egregious practice, but has been pretty much the practice of the neocon regime of Bush/Cheney, and of the most egregiously neoliberal elements of the Democratic party, namely former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and most particularly Hillary Clinton.  Madeleine Albright when asked if she thought that the literally tenths of thousands of children which perished as a result of the Bush/Cheney war on Iraq on false claims was worth it, replied “…yes, I think it was well worth it…

It is well known by the regular readers of this Argentum Post that it is by no stretch of the imagination characterizable as a political agenda based publication, since it is based on the universalist values of secular/religious humanism, rationalism, and naturalism at that means going wherever the honesty, ethics, justice, human rights, the quest for progressive transparent participative democracy takes it.

The “raison d’être” of this particular article though,  is sadly again, the barbaric atrocity which the Sunni minority dictatorship of Bahrain has just felt encouraged by Trump  to carry out against the Shiite majority people of Bahrain who again have peacefully engaged in a pro-democracy activity as they did in 2011 during the Arab Spring when they were then as they are now, barbarically punished for that.

In 2011 not only were democracy activists who peacefully demonstrated killed, but add insult to injury, physicians and nurses were also punished for tending to the severe injuries perpetrated not only by the Bahraini regime, but by soldiers of the Saudi Arabian regime which the dictatorship of Bahrain requested for help to quell the peaceful quest for democracy by said majority Shiite population of Bahrain.

Then as now, the United States ignored these atrocities, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pressed then, as had pressed in 2009,  when the democratically elected government of President Zelaya of Honduras was violently overthrown, that the U.S. would remain “neutral” since it has “interests”and not principles which needed to be taken in account within the context of the military bases the U.S. has in Bahrain and in Honduras.    Never mind that this hypocritical stand would fly in the face of, and violate, the  noble American pro-Democracy values “we the people” cherish and are not to be misused as merely misleading or bereft of substance applications for good sounding rhetoric.

Once again it becomes clearer than ever, that the trilogy of trumpianism, neoconservativism, and neoliberalism is beyond bankrupt, and has become a threat to our nation, as it most damages the best interests of our nation and stymies its capacity to become all it can be for its deserving people.

Its corporatist-militarist maximization of profits schemes are stratifying socially our nation while all along eroding all of our democratic institutions and  thereby morphing our society into quasi social-darwinistic regressive mode of elite control based on the grotesque and counterproductive “survival of the fittest” objective.

We need a major and drastic cut in our so-called “defense” spending by ending once for all the fallacious notion that the U.S. and Israel are “exceptionalist” and hence need and are allowed to give free rein to their plutocratic hegemonic ideologues by staying in continued wars of aggression and interventionism abroad, which in turn causes reprisal aggression at home and which then is stamped with the “terrorism” stamp and all along we are depleting our freedoms, our homeland security, and  our treasury,  of our hardworking taxpayers  funds which are most urgently needed now more than ever to be used for a universal health care system, and to maintain and improve infrastructure, public transportation, public high school and public college and university education, and many other environmental and domestic social programs.

There is no question that the only solution going forward is an impeachment proceeding followed up by an immediate election concomitant with the elimination of the electoral college.  We are entering into an emergency period and cannot afford to wait out four years of this nightmare, since our very existence is at stake given the very real danger of a deliberate or accidental broader war which may become a nuclear war, since continued global violence generates nothing but continued reprisal violence.

Our future potential can and will be realized by a new breed of pragmatic rationalist humanist nominees for transparent participative governance of the kind our neighbors to the north, the Canadians enjoy.

To elaborate further on the supra noted Bahraini dictatorship aggression on its people, now that both the Sunni Gulf states dictatorships and the Zionist extremist Israeli Apartheid regime seem encouraged by what they perceive as a green light by the Trump misleadership to pursue their horrific repressions,  the Argentum Post urges its readers to read the following article published in The Intercept and titled “ Trump’s Deepening Embrace of Bahrain’s Repressive Monarchy May Lead to More Instability “ as it seemed  to presage what happened yesterday, May 24, 2017 in Bahrain as said so-called “monarchy” staged  a deadly raid against the majority of their people who were demonstrating for democracy peacefully .

The Standard Examiner has published an article by  Kareem Fahim on this shocking development in an article titled “  After Assurances by Trump, Bahrain Mounts Deadliest Raid in Years on Pro-Opposition Shiite Neighborhood

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