National and International Security and Stability is At Risk And Must be Met by Non-Violent Participative Grassroots Progressive Democratic Governance


June 16, 2017 by Alfred


Qatar is the largest producer of natural gas in the world.    Saudi wants it and the U.S. Israel want to control it.  See “ Qatar-Saudi-Arabia-Islamic Terrorism and the Anglo-American Establishment

Iran is the largest and only relative democracy in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia,  Bahrain,  UAE, Egypt, and Israel in the Middle East,  constitute an axis of dishonest, corrupt, violent and often lethal  medieval-like  repressive misleaderships whose  power structures are out to attack Iran because relative to their power structures Iran is an oasis of democracy which is now led by the moderate twice elected moderate President Rouhani a scholar and a lawyer, and hence Iran is characterized falsely as “terrorism supporting nation” when in reality it is merely “influential ” and positively so,  in that it is inspiring a  reinvigorated renaissance of a well-organized, disciplined,  and non-violent youthful movement which will be the upgraded version of the Arab Spring movement of democracy which is strictly banned by said axis of utterly morally decadent and violent misleaders,  which stunningly Donald Trump has perversely decided to enthusiastically embrace, as he demonstrated most particular by his trip to Saudi Arabia where peddled successfully his “deal” of selling human lives destroying machines package worth $ 110 billion bloody metro-dollars while Saudi Arabia is relentless bombing and destroying the poorest nation in the region, Yemen where now one person an hour dies due to the  U.S.-Saudi Arabian devastating bombardments which have destroyed the few hospitals of Yemen at a time when there a cholera epidemic taking place there.

This in itself is a execrable crime against humanity.

Additionally Trump has also perversely embraced the murderous misleader of the Philippines who has given his police and vigilantes the green light to shoot to kill anyone using, or trafficking drugs and who bragged having carried assassinations himself.

Now add to this mix of horrific disrespect for human lives, his utter incompetence, his corrupt violations of the emoluments clause of the constitution,  decisions of a downright  sociopathic nature, often on the basis of his obvious probably racist hatred for President Obama which has  resulted in a bizarre focus on destroying any and all of social progress and progressive initiatives undertaken by President Obama, as, inter alia,  he now demonstrates as he embarks in another stunningly and destructive move by being hell-bent in reverting  the successful normalization the U.S. relations with Cuba, thanks to combined efforts of President Obama and the humane and noble Pope Francis, and as a result, unless there is judicial branch intervention we will be going back to the failed half century of our infamous blockade of Cuba.

As Iran, Cuba has also been falsely declared as a “terrorism sponsoring” nation.

So, today on June 16, 2017, Trump is heading to Miami and is bringing with him the dishonest and immature Senator Marco Rubio who was caught lying to generate political capital, about how his parents suffered in Cuba under the Revolutionary government of Castro when in reality they had left Cuba 4 years prior to the revolution (see PolitiFact by Betty Powers, October 21st, 2011).

Furthermore Trump, has also perversely embraced the corrupt, dishonest, agent provocateur, extreme right-wing Zionist supremacist violator of international law and of the Fourth Geneva Convention, namely Benjamin Netanyahu, whose literally Kafkaesque and monstrous abuse of the Palestinian people have been amply documented, among which the worst has been the massacre in Gaza in the Summer of 2014, to name a few, but additionally after the Israeli bombing which killed close to 3 thousand mostly unarmed civilians including 500 children, to add insult to injury, this blockaded region of more than 2 million inhabitants has been submitted to torturous conditions and only yesterday, when on the one hand Netanyahu announced that he vows to push for a gas pipeline to sell natural gas to Europe (in territory which was violently invaded and taken from the Palestinians), he also announced that effective immediately Israel is cutting the electricity to these millions of Palestinians in this greatest concentration camp on earth, to 3 hours and 15 minutes a day, something which will not allow the innocent inmates in Gaza to conserve their food in refrigerators.

In the presence of Trump and with his support,  Netanyahu also had the temerity to announce that there will be no longer a “two state solution”.  After taking over 75% of Palestine in 1948, and after breaking up the remaining 25% into Apartheid type Bantustans, Trump unlike any other president in history since Israel was implanted in Palestine in 1948, as the product of the ethno-nationalist morphosis of the Judaic religion into a so-called “state” entity, something which was in 1948 and prior to 1948 and more so in the current times strongly opposed by what is now becoming the a majority of the world and most particularly by the most noble, humanist, rationalist adherents of the Judaic faith, such as the parents of this writer, since these Jews’ faith is based on the moral values of the Torah universalist values which are in direct contradiction to the absence of values which characterize the Zionist nationalist ideology of Judaism and hence Zionism in effect has meted out great damage to Judaism.   This reality is documented in a plethora of books by written by Jewish scholars and one of he most important ones is “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” by the illustrious, courageous, and dedicated scholarly author and journalist, Ilan Pappe.

Trump, of course, in his maniacal narcissism, disrespect for international law, disrespect for our magnificent Constitution, does not care about any of this, and therein lies the essence of the great threat this forebodes for our national security, and international peace and stability.

In an excellent article by David Nakamura, Anne Gearan, published today in The Washington Post, titled “ Trump Said World Leaders Wouldn’t Laugh at U.S. Now They’re Mocking Us” they stated that, as an example of this sad reality,  Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the minister of a close ally of the U.S., was quoted as saying  in effect that This is, by far, the least capable person ever to sit in the office, and it’s appalling they have to deal with him .  This description of Malcolm’s statement was given  by Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group, a global risk-assessment firm.  He further added that “Even in a country that really needs to have a good relationship with the United States, you’re just not willing to deal with it.  Your ego will say, “‘Screw this guy’”

Conclusion :

Donald Trump has no business sitting in the White House.  His policies will result in an increasingly spiraling out of control violence which generates violence.

To accomplish such a removal and to protect us from a reoccurrence of this catastrophic happening, we must go distance ourselves from the corrupt and ethically bankrupt neoliberal/neoconservative and Alt Right populist untrustworthy and unrepresentative attempts to usurp power.

A new era of genuine grassroots progressive participative democratic movement based breed of honest public servants who will serve us with honor and the dignity we the people deserve in an environment of vibrant creativity, equality, harmony, peace, and justice based not on dogmatic “left” of  “right” ideologies, but rather on a common denominator of rationalist and humanist values which will finally render the United States and us a nation liberated from its expired  notions of net-imperialism, exceptionalism, hegemonism, belligerence and with it comes the elimination of the wasteful expenditures of the industrial-military complex, and hence the end of interventionism.

The dividends of becoming more Canadian – like are limitless , particularly as relates to our public healthcare with will be the single payer one, a more affordable higher education, a very affordable vocational/technical education, an European like upgraded rail transportation system, a strict and enforceable gun and ammunition control legislation with no deference to the almighty NRA , and no deference to other noxious special interest  groups.

It will mean zero tolerance for violence, racism, sexism, classism, and destructive monopolism, and well as total end of support or arms sales to states which are belligerent hegemonist invaders oppressors and occupiers of other states.

Furthermore is now clearer than we ever that this  “occupant” of the White House  prioritizes his private business over that of our nation’s, is devoid of any intellectual curiosity, has not a scintilla of compassion, and is incapable of admitting any error, while he  is into making offensive by virtue of being dishonest errors almost every times he speaks of tweets

Furthermore Trump lost the election by millions of votes on the basis of the democratic direct vote which we must immediately demand after this catastrophe,  by (a) eliminating the Electoral College and (b) creating the “Instant Runoff Voting”(IRV) which most advanced democracies have so as to allow at least a third-party to enter the electoral contest to join the other two, yet the voters for said third-party will not be insultingly be characterized as “spoilers” since in such an election, if a voter chooses the third-party candidate, said voter can still designate the candidate of one of the two other parties as recipient of said vote.

Hillary Clinton also lost the election, and “we the people” lost the most.

But in Clinton’s case it was due to her and her parties’s fatal flaws,  as she, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and other neoliberally corrupted politicians, as well as the corrupted Democratic National Committee clearly entertained and exhibited the lack of honesty and ethics by plotting  to sabotage the Bernie Sanders nomination.   Worse though, was Clinton’s scape coating President Putin for her loss without any evidence then and ever having been provided for this risibly non-sensical notion that Russia could would and/or could alter the outcome of our election.

It must be noted that according a database amassed by political scientist Dov Levin of the Carnegie Mellon University, the United States has for quite a long time attempted to not just “influence” foreign election, but has succeeded in as many as 81 times between 1946 and 2000 documentably influence and overthrow democratically elected governments.

This German/ Brazilian writer has left Brazil in 1963 where he was living with his parents after they became refugee forced to leave Nazi Germany.  In 1964, the democratically elected government of João Goulart of Brazil was violently overthrown – with U.S. support-on the pretext that he was a communist.  Twenty dark years of right-wing fascist military dictatorship ensued.  General Vernon Walters had dispatched an aircraft carrier to Brazil to assist the military thugs in case the coup d’etat had failed.

Again on 9/11 of 1973, two Chilean Air Force planes bombed the Moneda Palace in Santiago, and this resulted in the death of the social democratic President Doctor Salvador Allende being killed and tenths of thousands of others.   Not only did the criminal President Nixon support this sordid crushing of democracy in Chile, but Peter Kornbluh, a researcher in the National Arquives in Washington, DC found a letter which  was apparently erroneously declassified which was written by Nixon’s Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to   the fascist General Pinochet telling him to not worry about the alleged  violations of human rights which members of our congress voiced, since as Kissinger put it, “…we like what you are doing down there…”.

Finally and most urgently, it is an imperative that expeditiously, peacefully, legally, and constitutionally, occupant Trump be removed from the White House and be returned to his Trump Tower(s) where he most probably really wants to be.  That would have to include, of course,  the removal of all members of his cabinet and most importantly the removal of Nikki Haley as our utterly ludicrously incompetent U.N. representative who offensively and moronically declared at the U.N. that “…the time for bashing Israel is over, we have a new Sheriff in town…

Nikki Haley is a profound embarrassment to the nation, but the real fault is that of Trump et al. who unbelievably and appallingly also nominated for his  personal security advisor General Flynn who shortly before his pick by Trump was Tweeting warnings about that pizzeria basement where according to his tweets children were being sexually molested by a ring of perverts led by Hillary Clinton.

To finalize but complement this article, the videos of two fascinating interviews of two fascinating scholarly, high integrity, brilliant author/journalists by the highly precious and prestigious Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman are provided infra.

The first one buttresses the notion that we must just “resist” and wait until the end of the Trump’s term to invite him to leave.    Citizens move the world and not the incompetent/corrupt politicians who misleadingly play the political  theater.

Naomi Klein : “ No Is Not Enough

The Second one debunks negative mythology about the USSR, Russia, and President Putin

Oliver Stone : “ The Putin Interviews






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  1. aliceny says:

    Excellent, Alfred. Have read it three times already. Especially interesting is the way that you have cohesively gathered so many background facts together to supplement and bolster your main points. If there is any way that you can increase readership of this particular post you should endeavor to do so.

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