The Trump/Netanyahu/Pence Trilogy Condemned World-Wide and in Israel


January 23, 2018 by Alfred

The supra picture was taken during a protest by Palestinians in the international law violating Israeli occupied Jerusalem, on the occasion of the inflammatorily provocative visit of VP Pence to Jerusalem,  who outrageously had the temerity to also characterize the UN Resolution 303 egregiously violating occupation by Israel of Jerusalem, by the same repulsive phraseology used by the Israeli misleader PM Netanyahu, and now by our misleader “President”  Trump, that somehow via the “might make right” law of the jungle, suddenly “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel ”.

The whole world is aghast and categorically cannot but, condemn emphatically  this disgusting, hegemonist, belligerent move.

It goes without saying that the protesters meant to address the destructive trilogy of Trump, Pence, and Netanyahu and not the “USA”, since neither does Netanyahu “speak for all Jews” as he in his megalomaniac, delusional, and dishonest way has had the audacity to state, nor much less do Trump and Pence speak for the USA.

Besides the outrageousness of the supra named individuals audacity to ignore factual history and international law, the mostly American mainstream media’s silence and hence dereliction of duty to inform professionally and objectively with proper historical and legal contextualization the underlying reality which makes the Netanyahu/Trump/Pence statements DOA, renders it as well complicit in this recklessly dangerous provocation which could lead to serious and irreversible and totally avoidable violence in the Middle East region and beyond.

The writer of the Argentum Post is simultaneously also a writer of letters to the editor of The Washington Post, and to its credit the Washington Post has time and again published said letters which were primarily letters whose content was educational, given the fact that for decades, in view of the undue influence of the powerful Israel propaganda lobby AIPAC, which should but has failed until now [that it is being sued to register as a FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act)] violating lobby – Americans have been phenomenally lied to, misinformed, misinformed, culturally programmed to believe in the mythical notion which the Zionist members of the power structure of Israel and of its abroad foreign lobbies have relentlessly pandered to portray falsely that valid constructive criticism of Israel and Zionism is “Anti-Semitic”.

Recently this writer has  commended highly the Washington Post for its coverage of “ …from Beijing to Buenos Aires…”  the  now global Women’s March  protest against Trump.   Vera Haller, Mark Guarino, and Brady Dennis did a precious public service in support of honesty in reporting, justice and peace !

One glaring missing element though, is the conspicuous absence of the toxicity of the Trump- Pence- Netanyahu collusion.   This is a real collusion which begs for neutralization as it potential for evil and harmful effects is immeasurable.

As a son of parents who managed to survive the Nazi crimes against the humanity of the Jews and others, this writer deplores the conspicuous silence about analogous crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians and others, and as well about the international law violations perpetrated NOT by Judaism, but by the extremist right-wing ideologues of the nationalist, supremacist, and violent hegemonist Zionist elements of Israel’s Netanyahu PM  power structure.

As stated supra, the notion that “anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism is based on a decades long cultural programmation via fabrications of outright heavy-duty lies, so much so, that Zionism has meted out serious damage on the decent, noble, humanist Judaism which is based on the universalist values of the Torah.

It should not take Americans to have to become subscribers of the progressive, independent,  prestigious Israeli newspaper Haaretz (although this would have a tremendous educational value)  to learn that the unholy alliance of Trump, Pence, Netanyahu is working in tandem to wreak major havoc in the Middle East.

Not only is said alliance  thereby inflaming further the conflict generated by the violent implant of Israel into Palestine, but as well it has  become a generator of belligerent hate and fear directed at Iran on the basis of utter falsehoods, and this in tandem with the campaign of reckless aggression by the decadent power structure of Saudi Arabia, which has now for more than one thousand days bombed into destruction the poorest nation of  Yemen, having killed some 10 thousand mostly innocent and unarmed civilians, not to mention the catastrophic reality of the  40 thousand seriously injured and the millions now suffering from starvation, cholera, and now diphtheria.

Notwithstanding, Trump decided to personally become a salesman of arms to this barbaric Saudi regime and thus has sold them billions of dollars of weaponry,  and while there danced their “sword dance” with them, while young democracy activist bloggers such as Raif Badawi have been flogged a thousand times and have been sentenced to 10 year terms after being charged with “disrespect” for the  so-called “monarchy” .

What stands between Netanyahu’s indictment for all sorts of domestic crimes of brazen corruption as well as  international law violations at the moment is a corrupt Israeli Attorney General, but the days of the this putrefying regime are now rapidly approaching, and then at long last, perhaps in tandem with a peaceful and constitutional end of the Trump/Pence regime,  a genuine peaceful conflict solution may break out.

As an additional  reference  to Haaretz, in support of this writer’s comments supra, it is important to note that  the publication “Issues” of the highly prestigious reform Judaism organization which is the American Council for Judaism which was founded some 70 years ago, is a major source of educational information which totally dispels any notion about the calumniating fabrications which have led since 1948 to this day to the catastrophic destruction of precious human lives on all sides in Israel and Palestine.

Two more publications of major importance which the mainstream media should start referring to and which every high school in the country should discuss are :

Anti-Zionism is Not Anti-Semitism, And Never Was “ by Allan C. Brownfeld.

Ten Myths About Israel “ by Prof. Ilan Pappe.

This writer has implored  The Washington Post and the rest of the mainstream media  to finally liberate itself from the darkness of the silence which undue influence lobbies and the politicization corruption impose, and finally consider balancing their reporting on Israel away from the distortion generator which the Israeli lobby is,  which is now stooping to its lowest level by its clinging to propagandistic calumniations against reform Jews, and by its hysterical denunciations against the peaceful BDS movement which, among others, such as Jewish Voice for Peace endorses and practices since these are now among the majority global voices of noble humanist Judaism which strives for peace, sweet peace, and healing with reconstruction.

Finally see infra a sample of what Americans who are endowed with intellectual curiosity and who also are naturally yearning to access the fountains of purity in journalism can go to discover that critical and constructive dissidence is alive and well in Israel and can be counted on to lead to a genuine peace accord before it is too late.

See therefore infra, the link to a Haaretz article which condemns the Pence outrageous pronouncements while in Jerusalem.

2 thoughts on “The Trump/Netanyahu/Pence Trilogy Condemned World-Wide and in Israel

  1. M Estelle Spike says:

    Indeed the ‘Trump-Pence-Netanyahu collusion,’ including all previous Administrations’ collusion (except Jimmy Carter), with Zionist Israel is kept secret within all branches of Government and prohibited from being broadcast or printed by the corporate MSM. Thank goodness there are still people like you working tirelessly to defend and uphold the truth that is under constant assault by the purveyors of propaganda dictated by this evil empire!

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