“We the People” Have What it Takes to Liberate Ourselves Peacefully from the Yoke of The Pyromaniac, Deranged, Dishonest, Corrupt, Incompetent, Undemocratic, Enablers of Automatic Killing Machine Availability for Massacres of Innocent Americans

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February 25, 2018 by Alfred


IMG_2457-2The horrific news is that “We the People” have allowed the calamity of our misleadership to take us to the brink of domestic and international catastrophe.

The good news is that the last of the 18 terrorist massacres of students and teachers which occurred in just the first 7 weeks of this year of 2018, has brought about a critical mass stage which is acceleratingly evolving into a zero tolerance for the status quo on all fronts, as “We the People” are fully aware that our peaceful ACTIONS from hereon, in this Constitutional democracy which the United States still is, can and will end the murderous, belligerent, pyromaniac, irrational, corrupt, literally inhuman, wicked tiny but wealthy and influential minority to continue on its path of insane mass destructiveness for the sake of their quest for unachievable “supremacy”.

The coming weeks and months of massive protests, boycotts, strikes, civil disobedience when needed, will surely end this nightmarish era during which our chaotic, repressive, racist, power structure misses no opportunity to generate divisiveness which leads to conflict at home and abroad.

This article can be succinct yet loaded with an account of intolerable realities and of the extraordinary opportunities which are now coalescing for us and that includes liberals, progressives, independents, and yes, surely as well the genuine, decent, conservatives, to finally between now and the midterm election, regain control of our nation so that “America Can Again Be All it Can Be”  and not “lead” but inspire the world by the power of example and NOT the example of grotesque lethal power.

So, to proceed in a succinct “talking point” fashion, here are some of he underlying realities which reveal a phenomenally extraordinary  state of moral and intellectual putrefaction of our misleaders who are acting more like and organized crime cartel out to generate conflict and raise havoc as a strategy to divide and conquer, and who literally have gotten away with creating a state of siege for the vast majority of us who are have been held hostage to this tiny power structure which plays with fire and threatens to engulf all of us in a major conflagration, all in the undemocratic and criminal pursuit of  “supremacy” and hegemony  and dominance by using myopic, arrogant, ignorant, deranged,  strategies and tactics involving global belligerence, and destabilization while dumping diplomacy, human rights, earnest negotiations based on give and take, cooperation with constructive global institutions, and hence literally ending what should be a permanent quest of the COMMON GOOD, in favor of the creating of an individualistic UBER class in a more and more unequal, divided,  and socially stratified society of the kind which totally destroyed Nazi Germany and hence has the potential to totally destroy us if “We the People” do not act NOW.

With this foreword, this writer of the ARGENTUM POST, provides infra a list of realities which underly the current, at times characterized as a “cartoonish circus” of daily incompetence of the said misleaders which entrenched themselves during the disastrous presidential election of 2016.


*  An honest and scholarly analysis of the Second Amendment clearly establishes that it cannot be used or misused to give individuals the availability of automatic or semi-automatic weapons of war which literally are machines designed to be used as massive killing machines which shred countless human being apart  in literally seconds.  These weapons, such as the AR-15, were banned under a 1994 law that expired in 2004, a year after the Bush/Cheney junta took the nation to war on Iraq on the basis of not erroneous, but outright false evidence which clearly delegitimated said war, and which ushered in the barbaric violence  and chaos in the Middle East for the last 15 years and continues to this day.

*  So, consequently, and first and foremost, it is an absolute imperative that “We the People” demand immediate action to once for all BAN AUTOMATIC and SEMIAUTOMATIC weapons accessibility.  Additionally a program of collection and destruction of said weapons via a carrot and stick approach must be initiated for the sake of the recovery of our individual and national security.

* “We the People” must force Donald Trump to step aside along with his acolyte, the chief executive of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, and respect the democratic determination of the now significant majority of Americans who correctly fault Trump, corrupted Republicans and some corrupted Democrats who accept money from the NRA and the NRA for their enablement of the availability of such mass killing weapons for terrorist mass killing in America, the only country in the world where this phenomenon occurs.

The murderous terrorizing criminals which  have been carrying out these attacks constitute even a higher threat to our national security than the Al Qaeda, and Daesh (aka  ISIS) or Al Nousra, terrorists and hence their enablement by the supra named individuals and political groups can certainly be deemed to constitute for the supra named individuals and political groups a practice for which they can be charged as accomplices for.

*  “We the People” therefore must immediately organize a massive boycott program of the kind which BDS (boycott, divest, sanction) is successful in reigning in the Israeli international law violating regime.

These sanctions must be focused against any politician or association  which receives money and favors from the NRA until it complies and adapts to the reality that in is not teflon coated, it is actually a paper tiger, it is responsible for thousands of innocent lives lost to terrorizing massacres by being, along with most Republican and some Democratic politicians a promoting enabler of the available  means for said terrorizing murderous massacres, and thus it must adapt to downsizing itself to be an association of hunters and of those licensed with strict background checks individuals who have some plausible need to protect themselves in some extenuating circumstances, such as to help protect dwellers in rural areas against possible but not probable house invasions and their arms need to limited to normal regular registered guns.

Actually said boycott movement has already started as firms have cut ties with the NRA and among them are some major companies such as Enterprise Holdings, First National Bank of Omaha, Symantec, and Hertz.

This article ends with the following observations as to the egregiously incompetent, irrational, destructive, insensitive, disrespectful, reactions of Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Wayne LaPierre, since the last Parkland massacre.

Starting with Donald Trump, it suffices to focus on this bizarre avoidance of any talk of a ban on automatic weapons, by his stating that as regards to the NRA,  when he stated, as quoted in the February 23, 2018 The Washington Post the following “  I don’t think I’ll be going up against them…They’re good people…”

Donald Trump even went beyond in a tweet, characterizing the NRA leaders as “Great American Patriots”.  This is beyond the pale, surreal and insulting to all victims, alive and dead of thousands who were affected by the onslaught of the criminal terrorists who push one trigger and in matter of seconds extinguish the lives of tenths of men, women, and children.  This is savagery and the enablers of this savagery are accomplices to it thereby.

Going on to Donald Trump’s son, it is noteworthy that while he is in India,  promoting his father’s business interests there, in brazen violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution, he outrageously found time to give a thumbs up, to an Alt-Right website which makes the false allegation, that the articulate student who was a survivor  the massacre at the Parkland, Florida school, namely David Hogg, was “ secretly a crisis actor ” playing the part of a grieving student in local and national television news reports.   So, like father, like son, Donald Trump Jr. sees no problem with adding profound insult to unimaginable injury, by applauding those who defame the victims of the massacre. (Details of this almost incredible reality are found in The Washington Post published on 02/22/2018).

As the journalist Eugene Robinson aptly stated in an article titled “It’s Time to Truly Fight for Gun Control”, opponents of that,  such as Donald Trump Jr. (inter alia) “made shameful efforts to discredit the young activists – a slimy campaign of lies and innuendo that fortunately has backfired

Furthermore Donald Trump, came with the bizarre notion that what is really needed to end the automatic weapons massacres in schools, is that teachers be armed to engage in shoot outs with terrorist shooters.   This is hilarious were it not so cruel and stupid for a so-called “President” which Trump hardly is, to say.  Needless to say teachers are outraged at his disparagingly counter-productive way to evade addressing the real issue.  Facing a terrorist gunman with an automatic or semi-automatic weapon does not allow even officers to just charge in and shoot, despite their professional training since they must clearly see said shooter, must clearly make sure if hostages are not involved, and much more than that.   Educator groups are solidly grounded in outrage at Trump for such an idiotic and offensive suggestion.

When it comes to the NRA head Wayne LaPierre his melt down of anger for his and the NRA’s inchoate loss of power which hopefully will lead to their irrelevancy, goes as far as his now stepping back to the 50’s and using Joseph McCarthy language as he did on February 22, 2018 when he had the risible feeble-mindedness of falsely blaming “socialism” for the gun control demand by the majority of the American people.  This backfiring surreal and inoperable vituperative invective is instantly DOA  (dead on arrival) – it goes without saying.

It also goes without saying that almost all Republicans oppose any bans on automatic and semi-automatic war weapons availability for the future massacres of innocent Americans students, teachers, and  others and these same dishonest and corrupted to the core politicians also  refuse to commit to no longer accept NRA financial support which are the in effect  “bribes”  by the NRA for their political support in Congress.

Point in case is Senator Marco Rubio, the same Senator who during the campaign falsely claimed that is parents suffered under the government of Fidel Castro in Cuba when in reality his parents had left Cuba 4 years prior to the triumph of the Cuban people’s revolution against the U.S. supported dictator Fulgencio Baptista.

For documentation of this reality see The Washington Post article titled  “ Rubio Asked to Take Harder Stance on Gun Control “ where Rubio became nervous as he was confronted by the brilliant and sincere Marjory Stonemason Douglas High School student Cameron Kasky.

This article ends by exposing Donald Trump not only as a megalomaniac deranged pyromaniac misleader who threatens our national security and our protection from homegrown terrorists using automatic and semiautomatic weapons to carry out mass killings, but as well this misleader busies himself- now more than before – with threatening countries globally with “total destruction” as he did as regards to North Korea because it is protecting itself with a nuclear deterrent should the U.S. again, as it did in 1953, bomb it massively with conventional and napalm bombs killing one-third of its population of innocent civilians.  Trump made that belligerent statement threat at the podium of the UN General Assembly  to the stunning horror and disdain of all of the UN member nations.

On February 24, 2018 Trump again declared in the presence of Australian PM Malcom Turnbull ,that if sanctions on North Korea failed he would resort to military action, an action which even our Defense Secretary Jim Mattis declared that it would lead to a calamity.  Perhaps this declaration may lead to Trump firing his Secretary of Defense and demanding the creation of a Ministry of Offense…

To further buttress the enormous danger of the Trump’s misadministration, which is a Damocles Sword which hangs every hour, every day over our heads and wish “We the People” must no longer accept, this loose cannon  Trump who had the temerity to declare that the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, will open in May of 2018, a move which violates the UN internationalized special status of the Jerusalem, and which will lead to major destabilization and violence.

This move was requested by an equally deranged, pyromaniac, dishonest misleader of Israel, namely Netanyahu, who stands to be indicted at the request of the Israeli police for corruption charges he and his wife are charged with.  Subsequently  he will  likely be held accountable by  the International Criminal Court which will indict Netanyahu on most particularly,  crimes of war and crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian people.   Point in case is Gaza  where in the Summer of 2014 Netanyahu ordered a massacre by aerial bombardment of the greatest open air prison in the history of humanity which killed some 3 thousand mostly innocent unarmed civilians including 500 children, many of which were taking refuge in   United Nations built schools which were mercilessly bombed as well as hospitals were.

Finally, and most urgently, the New York Times and The Washington Post have reported this week that Trump wants to ease nuclear technology proliferation terms for  his intention to have Westinghouse build  pair of multi-billion nuclear reactors in, of all places, the most undemocratic and oppressive regime of the  Middle East and of the world, namely Saudi Arabia !

So, while threatening to scuttle the solid P5+1 successful agreement with Iran to assure it will not develop nuclear weapons, Trump is considering letting Saudi Arabia, the country whose 19 criminals  attacked the  WTC on 9/11 , which has been waging a genocidal war on the poorest nation in the Middle East, namely Yemen,  by a cowardly aerial bombardment campaign since 2015 which according to the UN has killed at least 10 thousand Yemenis,

Shortly after Trumps inauguration he traveled to Saudi Arabia where he acted as a salesman of a package of billions of dollars of armaments to this most egregious violator of human rights oligarchic dictatorship.

He then  “danced with the devil” in his sword dance in Saudi Arabia …

While Iran has not invaded any country in the region, the U.S. provided weapons to Sadam Hussein to invade Iran, and also supported the invasions of Israel into Lebanon and Syria, yet Trump’s and Netanyahu’s sociopathic incitement of hate and fear on Iran is relentless, simply because Iran has successfully evolved into an “influential” constructive player in the region and has been a most valuable asset in defeating ISIS (aka Daesh).

To finalize, “We the People” have nothing to lose and everything to gain by uniting as never before to, between now and the midterm election,  proceed with iron will and discipline and principles to bring our nation to a “normalcy” free of any war entanglements abroad, to a vastly cut offensive defense spending and therefor enable us at long last to  embark on electoral reform, inception of single payer health care, repair, affordable higher education,  and maintenance of our infrastructure, and ALL of this is within reach while our honorable federal judges come to our aid when Trump approaches to issue mindlessly and defiantly Constitutional law violating orders,  and come to our aid in depoliticizing the Justice Department’s Attorney General Sessions orders, and in repopulating our Department of State with real, adult career first class scholarly and dedicated diplomats.

All along of course, it becomes an imperative that “We the People”  practice our right and obligation to engage in daily resistance to proto-fascism, with intelligence and self-control which gives us and our followers the due inspiration by our adhering to the principled use of patience, perseverance, and non-violence,  which will have us succeed with the dignity we deserve and need to regain the control of our nation and guide it to safe landing  for repairs and refueling prior to taking off onto a vast  blue sky without limits to our then unavoidable and long yearned for peace, progress, and prosperity.





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