“Crucifying Julian Assange” : A Chris Hedges Interview of Journalist Joe Lauria Which Exposes Brutal Injustice Being Meted Out on Julian Assange

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November 27, 2018 by Alfred

Eight years ago, this writer of the ARGENTUM POST, while in São Paulo, Brazil, went to a protest at the British Consulate to join a protest against the grotesquely unjust treatment of the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks, namely Julian Assange, after he did what journalists are supposed to do, namely to publish crimes of the empire which the people’s of the world in civilized democracies are entitled to be informed about.

Instead of receiving an award for his contribution to the cause of holding public servants accountable for abuses based on corruption and hegemony lust, Assange wound up persecuted, to the point that he had to ask for political asylum at the Embassy of Equator in London where he was generously granted protection.

To this day however, Assange has been forced to stay in said embassy as Britain and the U.S. falsely accused Assange of violating the espionage act by publishing the relevant part of the documents which expose major wrong doing by Hillary Clinton.

Even though Assange is an Australian citizen, and even though he did not break any U.S. law, the British government committed itself to extraditing him to the U.S. which in an extra judicial act had prepared a sealed indictment against him, so that he could be then tried and sentenced to jail time for no legally valid so-called “crime”.

When Julian Assange was granted asylum, President Rafael Correa was the democratically elected, progressive President of Ecuador.

As of today, Julian Assange is still in solitary confinement at the Ecuadorian embassy as Britain refuses to allow him to leave for his country, Australia, and if he leaves the embassy he will be extradited by the present power structure of Theresa May who will press for his extradition to the United States where obviously Donald Trump, will have no problem having him punished for political reasons.

Unfortunately the successor of President Correa, namely Lenin Moreno, is not a progressive president and every day that he is making life more and more difficult for Assange, hoping to have Assange leave the Ecuadorian embassy which has been surrounded by British Scotland Yard officers waiting to arrest him the moment he steps out.

Lenin Moreno, by the way, took office by demagogically announcing a “revolution against corruption“, but in fact once in power, he eliminated the anti-corruption mechanisms in place, and to boot, reduced the anti-corruption budget.

The irony here is that after Assange exposed the wrongdoing by the corrupted politicians, the New York Times also exposed said wrongdoing, so that if a “crime” had been committed by Assange, the same “crime” was committed by the NYTimes.

With this foreword, the ARGENTUM POST hereby provides its readers with a 30 minutes video published on November 25, 2018 featuring the eminent, highly gifted and talented, courageous, principled, academic Chris Hedges, interviewing the investigative journalist and editor-in-chief of the Consortium News, namely Joe Lauria who discuss this Kafkaesque scenario of an intrepid, incisive, whistleblower, in support of honesty, peace, and justice, as Julian Assange, being literally tortured for providing the public with a documented series of facts which not only the people of the United States have a right to be informed about, but ALL people of the globe who yearn for and end to the current decadence of integrity, morality, and honesty which characterizes the rise to power by some of the most ultra nationalists, violent, belligerant, racists, violators of human rights and of international law in history.

The title of this video, as shown in the program On Contact is “Crucifying Julian Assange




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