VP Pence Outrageous Likening of Nazi Germany to Iran is Repulsively Dishonest

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February 19, 2019 by Alfred

Anne Gearan’s February 15, 2019 article published in the Washington Post is a good article as it exposes the intolerable, hyperbolic,  inflammatory, imbecilic, malevolent, hate and fear mongering gaffe by VP Mike Pence as he had the temerity to arsonistically fan the flames of Iran bashing by hurling out falsehoods, and by daring to suggest,  after the failed Warsaw Conference circus,  that the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others are somehow bizarrely linkable to Iran’s mere existence.

As the son of parents who survived the Nazi genocide, and of a mother whose maternal side of the her entire family was executed by the Nazis, I , along with millions of other rationalist, humanist Jews in the U.S. and globally denounce vehemently VP Mike Pence in the strongest of terms for his grotesque distortion of historical reality.

Iran has for 250 years never attacked or invaded any of its neighbors, but was forced to defend itself when it was attacked with U.S. armaments support by Iraq’s Saddam Hussein war on Iran in 1980, one year after the people of Iran cast themselves of the yoke of the Shah tyranny which was imposed on it in 1953 by the Anglo-American destabilization of the democratically elected Tudeh (socialist party) government of Mossadegh during which Jews, Moslems, Seculars lived in peace and harmony with each other.

Iran never was nor is now a “terrorism-sponsoring nation“.  This has been a neocon/neoliberal right-wing extremist Zionist trope for a long time. In fact, Iran has been a victim of the MEK terrorists which has operated out of Iraq (and which was protected by Dick Cheney after the U.S. invasion of Iraq on the basis of falsehoods as well).

After the 2003 invasion of Iraq, even though the State Department had correctly listed the MEK as a terrorist organization, this organization received support within Iraq to carry out lethal operations against Iran.  

Iran has also had many of its scientists assassinated by Israel’s Netanyahu era Mossad agents on the false assumption that they were working on building nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Additionally, as reported by Israel’s most prestigious, independent, progressive newspaper Haaretz, on November 27, 2014, under the title ” Under Rouhani, Iranian Jews Find Greater Acceptance“.

The American public has been ill-served by the corporatized media which has relentless committed the sin of omission and therefore remains silent on subject matter which is classified as “tabu”, as a result of the undue influence of the Israel lobby and therefore is almost totally unaware that tenths of thousands of Jews live in Iran and feel at home at protected there.

There are some 15  synagogues in Tehran and the Jewish Iranian community even has their own vineyards. 

By and large, there is no “anti-Semitism” in Iran.   

Criticism of Israel’s outrageous oppression of Palestinians is as valid as support for BDS, and it his now more than ever supported by millions of Jews globally. 

It is perfidious and nefarious to conflate anti-Zionism with “anti-Semitism”, and it is most particularly oxymoronic as it grotesquely and is inoperably used in attempts to defame the millions of Jews who stand by the validity of such criticism in their genuine quest for a peace agreement by justice for the Palestinians and security for the Jews who decide to live in Palestine.

VP Mike Pence, along with Donald Trump, have become a threat to our national security in their perverse, obsessive, dishonest, dangerous and slanderous mischaracterizations of Iran and imposition of damaging sanctions on the people of Iran,   as well as by their reneging on the P5+1 Nuclear agreement, which the EU, China, Russia will continue to enforce no matter what, since it is a most successful agreement which should have included Israel’s which in 1969 has clandestinely acquired an arsenal of nuclear weapons, about which there is a “gag order” for government officials to even publicly  engage in conversation on.

The gag orders, and the hyper double standard which Israel gets away with further inflame the regional and global anger about the U.S. and Israel for invoking the non-existent concept of “exceptionalism” for themselves, in their pursuit of hegemonic objectives by violent and dishonest means.

This clandestine program was initiated by an agreement in 1969 between b disgraced President Nixon and utterly dishonest PM of Israel, Golda Meir who uttered such dishonest statements as ” there is no such thing as Palestine” and “Palestine is a land without people for people with without land” something which is, of course, a disgusting lie on two counts, unless one considers Palestinians not a ” people ” but as “savages” which is how the Zionist right-wing extremist head of the American FreedomDefense Intiative characterizes Palestinians in posters which the AFDI managed to have posted in public transit vehicles and stations which said ” In any war between civilized man and the savage, you must side with the civilized man, you must support Israel“.

Needless to say, the highly prestigious Southern Poverty Law Center has listed the AFDI as a dangerous hate organization.

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