An Addendum The Day After Publication of the ARGENTUM POST Article of March 29, 2019

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March 29, 2019 by Alfred

Yesterday, after midnight, on March 29, 2019, the ARGENTUM POST published the following article :

It is not 20-20 Hindsight: Had the $25 Million Dollar Mueller Investigation Not Been Misled by Neocons & Neolibs On A Wild Goose Chase, He Would Not Have Barked Up the Wrong Tree, And Then the Rooster and His Chicken Would Have Come Home to Roost Punitively – BUT This May Probably Still Happen.

On the same day, earlier in the morning, The Washington Post published an article titled “Sharing of Nuclear Tech With Saudis Kept Secret“.

In the ARGENTUM POSTS’ relevant portion of paragraph 9, where the said article reads that ” He offered recently to sell nuclear technology secrets “ (i.e. Trump offered to sell nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia ), this major scandal was referred to, but not to the extent of the details which to its credit The Washington Post, elaborated on.

This constitutes a major scandal of tremendous potential major ramifications.

“We the people” can be extremely pleased, relaxed, and grateful for the Mueller report finding that no colussion with Russia/Putin existed, something which, as stated previously, was pretty much expected by those who had enough background knowledge to not fall into the trap of deceit which went hysterically viral and dangerously so, since maintaining harmonious and peacefully constructive relations with Russia is in the best interests of both, the U.S. and of Russia.

It is very seriously bad enough that the CIA has declared that the murderous Bin Salman dictator of Saudi Arabia is responsible for the gruesome assassination of the American based Washington Post journalist, namely the democracy advocating Jamal Khashoggi, and yet Trump mocks, offends,  and disregards the CIA and its finding and goes on with business as usual with this monstrous assassin in whose country one an average of one person every other day is executed for advocating freedom and democracy peacefully.

This shameless act, by itself, exposes the stunning recklessness and utter disrespect for innocent human life, common sense, irresponsibility, lack of patriotism, and utter incompetence by a so-called “President” of the U.S.A. to secretly offer to sell Saudi Arabia nuclear secrets,  notwithstanding that this country is documentably the world’s most egregious state actor of murderous oppression and sponsor of terrorism, a country which had has been linked to the attack on 9/11 and yet which is now bizarrely courted by Trump and Jared Kushner and Benjamin Netanyahu.

If this act is not a clear cut reason to characterize this REAL collusion with mass murderers and hence is not considered a crime which rationally would call for the impeachment of the President, then we have the worst crisis of integrity, of ethics, of lawlessness, in the highest echelon of our government’s hierarchy.  “We the People”  cannot afford that and we do not deserve this.

We need and deserve justice NOW!  Enough is enough.  We cannot afford to wait until Trump involves us in an international conflict which could easily go nuclear.


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