[APNFD Nr. 107] The Scourge of the Saudi – Bin Salman/Zionist-Netanyahu/U.S.-Trump et al. Perverse, Dishonest, Destructive, Hegemonic Obsession with Innocent Iran Must End Now Before Catastrophic Consequences Set In


September 28, 2019 by Alfred

As the Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, declared recently, ” the era of hegemony ” is over.

It is obvious that the very extremist fundamentalist Wahabi power structure of the murderous and terrorizing dictator of Saudi Arabia is criminal in practice.

However the spectacle of the bizarre “alliance”  between the said Saudi decadent power structure with that of the Netanyahu led Zionist power structure is no less criminal in practice in their joint in its sociopathic, hate and fear-mongering campaign of war against Iran, coupled to the Trump interest in selling weapons to the Saudi Arabia with which it is destroying the poorest nation of the Middle East, namely Yemen, coup is beyond obscene.

This is so, not to mention the decades of international law violating occupation of Palestine and of its crimes against the humanity of Palestinians.

Both, Israel’s Zionists and the U.S.’s neocons AND neolibs, hypocritically label themselves as being “leaders” of the “democracies“, when in reality they are criminally misled by the only imperialist nation of the world into a war which has a tremendous potential to spiral down to a world war which no nation can win.

The notion that a nation can be both, imperialistic and and constitutionally democratic is a horrifically grotesque oxymoronic distortion of reality.

Iran is a relative stalwart preserver of peace and stability in the Middle East and for 200 years has not carried out any hostile act against another nation in the region.

Contrary to the relentless falsehoods declared by Trump which are now repeated and hysterically embellished by that hollow eco machine, Mike Pompeo, Iran is NOT a “terrorism sponsoring” nation, neither is it an “anti-semitic nation” since tenths of thousands of Jews live and are protected in Tehran alone, where they have 12 synagogues to frequent without fear.

With an abundance of redundance, this ARGENTUM POST has documented this absolute reality.

Only an oxymoron on steroids can expect to sell such obscene lies to sapient beings.

The only war which involved Iran was the war started by Saddam Hussein with U.S. active support in 1980.

In 1951 the Anglo-American alliance destroyed an authentic democracy in Iran and in its place it installed the tyranny of the Shah Reza Pahlavi with his Savak horrendously torturous secret service murdering students, workers, and intellectuals who dared to dissent.

In 1979 the whole people of Iran, comprising Moslems, Christians, Socialists, Seculars united to cast themselves off the yoke of the Shah Tyranny.  Yes, the American Embassy was taken over and its workers were held, hostages.  What the corporatized media fails to report is that not a single hostage was killed or seriously injured.  It was an act of desperation.

With this short preface, the ARGENTUM POST cuts to the chase of the objective of this article by bringing in two American intellectuals of the highest degree of integrity, brilliance, courage, and compassion for humanity, besides being educators and guardians of peace, and justice, and ardent supporters of peaceful conflict resolution by professional distinguished diplomats which the present government loathes, and by never hesitating to speak truth to power.

These two eminent honorable men are the distinguished Chris Hedges, a journalist, a Presbyterian minister, and visiting Princeton University lecturer.  He is also the host of the On Contact program, and the distinguished author, journalist, and academic Stephen Kinzer.  Kinzer also produced the film “Targeting Iran” which is a 2013 documentary film designed to help Western audiences understand the complexities of historic and contemporary U.S./Iranian relations.

The infra video also helps readers to debunk grotesque lies about Iran.


One thought on “[APNFD Nr. 107] The Scourge of the Saudi – Bin Salman/Zionist-Netanyahu/U.S.-Trump et al. Perverse, Dishonest, Destructive, Hegemonic Obsession with Innocent Iran Must End Now Before Catastrophic Consequences Set In

  1. Marie Spike says:

    So true and so tragic. Thanks for always speaking truth to power.

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