The Attack on Journalists and Whistleblowers is an Attack on Our Democracy

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August 10, 2021 by Alfred

Why does it take “Foreign Media” or “Democracy Now” or “RT” for we-the-people to be honestly informed and educated about the historical reality of the ever-increasing corruption by corporate interests which along with sectors of the “deep state” distort reality in sensitive areas to the point that we are deprived of becoming aware of almost incredible attacks on highly vetted and researched information which simply does not please what is becoming a one-party nation made up of an oligarchy of extreme right-wing and of right-of-center manipulators of our daily news.

With this succinct question, the Argentum Post presents to its reader a news reality source that is hidden in plain sight, namely in this case RT.

RT’s news and talk shows have been mendaciously calumniated by neocons and neolibs as being “Russia propaganda” without a scintilla background documentation.

So, find infra a clip of the RT talk show “Watching the Hawks” hosted by Tyrel Ventura, Ameisha Cross, and guests such as Lee Camp and former CIA analyst John Kiriakou who was jailed for revealing CIA torture disclosures.

The title of the talk show is ” The Cult of Politics & Whistleblower Hypocrisy

The Link is                             

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