The Extra-Judicial Character Assassination and Torture of Julian Assange Must End Now


October 26, 2021 by Alfred

For commendably and documentably exposing war crimes of the war on Iraq in 2003 which were carried out on the basis of false allegations by the Cheney/Bush administration which in reality were in this case of crimes against the humanity of innocent Iraqis, Julian Assange who is an Australian editor, journalist, publisher, and activist who founded WikiLeaks in 2006 was arrested, and persecuted without any trial and imprisoned for what has now been now more than 10 years as if he had been a criminal when in reality he was a heroic whistle-blower.

Since then Assange has been submitted to horrific conditions and literally torturous conditions at the Belmarsh prison in London after he was abducted by the British authorities illegally in violation of international law from the Ecuadorian embassy in London which had given him asylum.

Next Wednesday U.S. authorities will begin their appeal against a British judge’s refusal to extradite Assange.

If extradited on false espionage charges he will face the end of his life in prison in the U.S.

So without a further foreword, the ARGENTUM POST presents its readers a video of the Belmarsh Tribunal session at the London Convocation Hall.

One thought on “The Extra-Judicial Character Assassination and Torture of Julian Assange Must End Now

  1. Mike Corey says:

    Too bad Trump couldn’t do ten years staring at his bellybutton whilst in prison.

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