A Tribute by “Democracy Now’s” Amy Goodman to Martin Luther King

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January 17, 2022 by Alfred

The ARGENTUM POST brings to its readers a video clip about the indefatigable, heroic, highly principled, humanist civil rights leader Martin Luther King.

This highly educational bit of history is perpetually relevant and revealing as it also, sadly, shows that after 54 years, we have not learned from our egregious greed, mendaciousness, corruption, and lethally violent appetite for criminal hegemony to literally take over the control of the world as the Nazi’s tried to and abysmally failed.

So, with this foreword, the ARGENTUM POST provides its readers with this 60 minutes documentary which is highly touching and impressive in its inspiration to those who recognize that it is imperative that “we the people” by all legal means possible demand from the bottom up that our flawed bipartisan democracy be reformed to prioritize our needs rather than the toxic objectives of the elite which prioritizes power and the unsustainable status quo which allows a minority of billionaires and corporate capitalistic profit maximization objectives to sacrifice our basic needs of universal health, educational affordability,repair of our infrastruc and a host of other social programs which most developed genuine democracies enjoy.

Therefore here is the link to this extraordinary tribute to Martin Luther King


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