We Must Not Under Any Condition be Forcibly Put to Hang by a Nuclear Sword of Damocles By Our Incompetent Misleaders


February 23, 2022 by Alfred

Nobel Peace Prize awarded, highly eminent Dr. Ira Helfand of Physicians of Social Responsibility,  is co-chair of PSR’s Nuclear Weapons Abolition Committee and also serves as co-president of PSR’s global federation,  International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW).  Furthermore, he was a leading medical voice in ICAN’s campaign for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

With this presentation, the ARGENTUM POST provides its readers with a highly relevant and revealing exposé as to the potentially horrifically catastrophic consequences of how the present mis-administration of President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken is mishandling the current crisis due to, on their part, a brazen lack of competence, historical awareness, lack of diplomatic know-how, mixed with a display of unnecessary and groundless arrogance and utter ignorance of the dangerous consequences of their aggressive and dishonest approach to come to a resolution after the U.S. and not Russia, decided to ignore the Minsk agreement resolution, just like Trump’s administration walked out of the Iran nuclear agreement.

Russia has a 100% right to demand security on its borders, but it along with the non-Right wing Nazi extremists supported by the US have violated that agreement.   That is a valid threat to Russia which lost 20 million in its last war to save the world from Naziism.

The U.S. in turn and contrariwise has no reason to feel threatened by the decent autonomous republics which remained in the western part of Ukraine after the U.S.-supported coup d’etad took place which brought a major sector of the Nazis to power.

We have no interests in Ukraine, but Russia does.

After 8 years of bombings against the Western Ukrainian autonomous republics habituated by overwhelmingly Russian people, by the Eastern Nazi sector, the time has come for Russia to recognize them and to save the lives of its innocent inhabitants.  This is exactly what started to place now, but Biden/Blinken intervene without any right.

We must now urgently demand an end to the absurdity of the facetiously repeated dishonest memes intended to lead us to believe that it is Russians and Putin who are responsible for the fact that this situation was arrived at when in reality it is the U.S. interference in Kieve in 2014 wich that led to the overthrow of President Yanukovitch and this with the U.S. support, most particularly our Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, namely Victoria Nuland.

The European Union did not like it so she said publicly ” Fuck Europe “…

Joe Biden when he was Vice President and his son, were also supporting and were supported by the Nazi extremists which led to this disaster of a divided Ukraine fighting internally for 8 years the murderous right-weight extremist’s attacks on the vast majority of Russians who created their own autonomous republics in the West of the country.

And anyway, Ukraine was a part of the Russian Federation and then of the USSR and Crimea was an integral part of it since 1776.

The U.S. had no business in interfering in support of the coup d’etat and had no standing for it, neither politically nor ethically.

Russia’s Putin did never “invade” Crimea.

There were elections and about 90% of its people elected to remain in the Russian Federation.

President Nikita Krushev was born there and Russian is the prevailing language.

What matters most is the appalling behavior by dictatorial President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken as if they have a right to dictate the resolution of this utterly avoidable conflict to the point that even if not deliberately it might escalate to a nuclear bomb use, but by blunder which would lead to unthinkable catastrophe.

Possibly this was and is all a matter of political posturing, but at what cost ?!  A potential war that could escalate, even if not into a nuclear one? This is insanely selfish idiocy.

Ideally and pragmatically, Biden/Blinken’s disastrous interventionism should be something which for the best interests of our nation and its national security, should be forced by any means possible be made to be declared something we cease and desist from.

We have our own problems to resolve and would be far better off if we realistically recognize that we now live in a multi-polar world and have no business engaging imperialistically in the matters of other sovereign nation.   Only then we can say that “Let America be All it Can Be

We the People” are criminally betrayed by the corporatized media which is derelict of its duty to inform honestly, and/or is self-censored by the corrupted neocons and neolibs in Congress as a result of the rapidly decaying imperialistic corrosion of what is left of our democracy which has become submissive to the power of millionaires and billionaires of Wall Street and of the military-industrial complex.

We now turn this article over to an example of a sector of our media that does not enhance or remains silent to nefarious cultural programmation which also damaged and continues to damage immensely our diminishing democracy.

Thanks to the herculean efforts of independent media which struggles financially as it does not accept corporate influence, the Argentum Post here provides a clip of one of the most honestly informative programs in America, namely that of “Democracy Now” hosted by the legendary indefaticable dedication of his host, Amy Goodman.

So, provided here is therefore a video of the interview by Amy Goodman of highly respected and dedicated Dr. Ira Helfand.

NOTE : You may see the video from the beginnig but In order to get directly to the inteview, click on the white arrow of the video and then move the red time line to the right until you reach the reading of 15:05.


One thought on “We Must Not Under Any Condition be Forcibly Put to Hang by a Nuclear Sword of Damocles By Our Incompetent Misleaders

  1. Marie Spike says:

    All you wrote is sadly, very true. Thank you Alfred for steadfastly speaking truth to the power that is pure evil – destroying the fabric of life and goodness on this Earth. I am afraid there is nothing more we can do change its course. I believe we are on the brink of a nuclear world war.

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