Highly Principled Secretary of Defence, Mark Esper, Deserves the Highest Medal of Honor The Pentagon Awards for Courageously Exposing Trumps Threats to the U.S. National Security.

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May 9, 2022 by Alfred

Today we and the world can rest more calmly and securely from the dangers of the Trump mis-administration’s insane and highly lethal provocative requests he posited to shoot missiles into Mexico, attack Venezuela, strike Iran, blockade Cuba, and drop parachuters over the Capitol on January 6 to shoot the protestors against the invasion by these Neo -Nazis of the Capitol by shooting them in their legs.

Today Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, honorably and courageously revealed in his just-published book “A Sacred Oath ” on CBS News’ “60 Minutes” program,  the details of the almost unbelievable plans the decadent former so-called “President” Trump had in mind.

Mark Esper was supported and witnessed by Mark Milley, the United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who also deserves profound applause and to be honored for potentially having saved the deaths and the destruction with such a savage perversely deranged intention of attacking other nations for no discernible reasons.

We have now reached the imperative to get the U.S. Department of Justice to step in and further investigate this uncivilized man, to make sure that he will never again be eligible for any public government position, and perhaps hold him fully accountable for all his wrongdoing which would probably lead to his indictment.

So, with this foreword,  see infra the link to this interview of Mark Esper for which CBS News must also be congratulated as it marks a historical turning point totally away from the imbecilic notion that human suffering is now becoming normalized and life is disposable and that perpetual wars for perpetual profit particularly of the industrial/military/congressional complex is somehow justifiable since, bizarrely, that notion is invoked often that the U.S., as well as, the illegal occupier of Palestine, namely Apartheid Israel is by extension also an exceptionalist country which is something which in reality is unacceptable and does not exist anywhere on our planet.

Norah O’Donnell elegantly and professionally interviews the former noble defense secretary of defense Mark Esper.

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