The US Must End Military Support to Egypt Immediately


August 15, 2013 by Alfred

As the murderous military coup commanders are carrying out a second massacre of innocent passive Egyptians who are rightfully protesting the brutally violent coup  against the only democratically elected president Egypt ever had, our President Obama can only bring himself to declare that he will cancel the US military exercises with the Egyptian military which were scheduled for the next month.  This is shockingly disheartening and wrong.

After the September 11 attack, President Bush kept asking rather disingenuously and rhetorically, “why do they hate us“.   It was not clear who “they” were meant to describe, but given that for decades the US  has almost unconditionally funded the military apparatus of the Egyptian corrupt and dictatorship of Mubarak coupled to the unconditional funding of the Israeli extremist Zionist right-wing leaderships who since 1967 have been violating international law in the way they occupy invaded Palestinian territory, it is appalling to assume that we would not be, if not hated, certainly regarded with anger and disdain by all informed people everywhere.

We must urge our Congress and the White House that once for all we become part of a solution in a long overdue overhaul of our foreign policy towards both, Egypt and Israel, and that for starters, we immediately end all military aid to both, since both are recipients of more military funding aid than the rest of the world combined and both are fueling violence as never before.

What the Egyptian military has now done to its own people is worse than what Sadam Hussein did, and then as now, Hussein was the recipient of US military aid which he used to attack Iran, inter alia.   What we then did to Iraq on the base of false claims defies depiction. Now, a decade later, the situation in Iraq is much worse than ever before and we have done harm to ourselves with that wholly unnecessary and globally condemned invasion.

Our leaders need to adopt Voltaire’s’ philosophy and start “cultivating our garden”.  Foreign interventionism is adding fuel to a fire which our neither our drones nor our renditioning of people to torturers or the incarceration of people without a due process in concentration camps in Cuba can ever resolve.

Let us give non-interventionism, peace, and constructive humanitarian engagement a chance and let us heal and rebuild our physical and ethical infrastructure through a reformed  democratic process at home.

One thought on “The US Must End Military Support to Egypt Immediately

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Another excellent one!

    🙂 Marie

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