The Washington Post Commendably Calls for an End of All US Aid to Egypt – And Israel, Incredibly, Objects


August 20, 2013 by Alfred

Very commendably, in the main editorial of today’s (August 20, 2013) The Washington Post under the title “What Egypt Needs” , calls for the suspension of all aid and cooperation for Egypt after General Abdel Fatah al-Sissi not only crushed the only democracy Egypt ever experienced, but particularly after he gave orders for a massacre of the peaceful demonstrators against the coup.

This is truly a principled stand in support of peace and human rights and justice by The Washington Post, particularly as it furthermore points out that  “The regime is orchestrating a propaganda campaign labeling Islamists as terrorists, even though there is no evidence that the movement’s leaders – many of whom are being held incommunicado – have given up a decades-long commitment to nonviolence”.

What has not yet been adequately covered by the mainstream media, but nevertheless was reported a few hours ago by Israel’s Haaretz online, as well as by the Wall Street Journal, is the incredible support of Israel under the present right wing extremist regime, for the atrocity being committed by the military in Egypt, a veritable crime against humanity.[ see] for the Haaretz article ].

More than ever before it is time for not only President Obama to end all aid to Egypt but as well to end all aid to the present regime of Israel which receives $ 25 million per day of our taxpayers funds and yet continues not only to violate international law by its criminal occupation of Palestinian land, but has become an inflammatory actor in the volatile  Middle East by threatening military action against Iran, even though a moderate was just inaugurated in the last presidential election who is inviting negotiations for resolutions, by sabotaging the peace talks with Palestine which Secretary of State John Kerry is attempting to start, while Netanyahu is ordering additional provocative illegal annexations and authorizing the building of settlements, and finally to boot, while Israel is now pushing for support for the criminal crushing of democracy and of the massacre of protesters.

The writer of this blog relates personally to the pain and suffering meted out on Jews by the Nazis, since he is a son of Holocaust surviving parents, but this fact in no way mitigates the suffering of the Palestinians as a result of the Naqba in 1948 and nor should Israel be allowed to use the Holocaust pretext or the Hebrew Bible’s Deuteronomy 6:10-12 as some kind of lien on the land and property of Palestinians and thereby become part of the problem rather than part of the solution at the expense of the legitimate rights of the Palestinians and most importantly at the expense of the US taxpayers and of our national security, as we are seen globally as the only uncritical supporters of the Netanyahu regime which is an insult and a shame for Israel and all decent law-abiding and history conscious Jews worldwide.

2 thoughts on “The Washington Post Commendably Calls for an End of All US Aid to Egypt – And Israel, Incredibly, Objects

  1. Flavia Thomsen Mostazo says:

    Another great article, so well put!

  2. Marie Spike says:

    Thank you for another powerful outcry for sanity, justice & peace in this violent world of man’s inhumanity to man!

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