Coptic Christians Protest Against the Washington Post Using False Allegations


August 24, 2013 by Alfred

Exposing Inflammatory and Dishonest Lies by Anti – Washington Post, Coptic Christian, Protesters    ( August 24, 2013 )

As one who orients himself along Secular Humanist values, I support the ideal of our constitutionally protected right to freedom of religion as well as to freedom from religion, so that thereby we can all coexist harmoniously, respectfully, and peacefully.
The Coptic Christian protesters who rallied against the The Washington Post and are depicted in today’s Post holding their incredibly misleading protest signs, are doing themselves a huge disservice, since their statements are brazenly and inflammatorily false and therefore misleading to the uninformed.
Anyone with a cursory knowledge of the history of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is fully aware that during the Mubarak dictatorship, thousands of their leaders were languishing in prison without valid charges, and most importantly, the Muslim Brotherhood has for decades dedicated itself emphatically to the pursuit of their values in a totally non-violent, Gandhi like, manner.
The signs of the protesters appallingly and calumniatingly seem to reflect a politically opportunist calculus to smear the Muslim Brotherhood by attempting to falsely suggest that ” 911 and al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are One“,  and then they go further by suggesting that (the Muslim Brotherhood) are  “Terrorist” and that  “We Finance Them“.
This type of horrendous historical adulteration must be exposed, since it only further adds to the charged polarized climate which can only be solved by a  rational, honest, and sincere discourse and with a potential to lead to fruitful negotiations.

3 thoughts on “Coptic Christians Protest Against the Washington Post Using False Allegations

  1. Flavia Thomsen Mostazo says:

    Thanks for yet another remarkable article!

  2. Aura says:

    This is yet another evidence of how Zionists, Christian Fundamentalists, Neocons, and Islamophobists are part of the same cabal.

  3. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    As always, the voice of reason against a tide of prejudice & ignorance… Thank you!!

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