The US Must Counter the Right Wing Extremists in Congress and in Israel


September 29, 2013 by Alfred

Nr. 40

This week two major events may occur which are profoundly detrimental to the interests and security of the United States and have the potential to unnecessarily cause long-term damage.

Both of these events will be triggered by a tiny band of right-wing extremists, one group is in our Congress and is on the way to hold the nation hostage because it cannot accept the affordable health care project which has become the law of the land and, bizarrely, because it is hell-bent on antagonizing the President  no matter what he does or does not do, and the other group is represented by Israel’s present leader, Benjamin Netanyahu who is coming to the UN and Washington this week with an intent to sabotage the inchoative opening of relations between the US and Iran by continuing to insist on the need for military action for she sheer hell of it to cover up his criminal violation of international law by his refusal to pull out of occupied Palestine and even by more so, by his untenable continuation of annexation of occupied territory plus his claim of East Jerusalem land.

It is of utmost importance that the government shut down which, will cost our taxpayers $100 million dollars per day, be avoided at all costs.   The right-wing extremist Republican Tea Party gang must be reigned in for the sake of our most fundamental best interests.

It is also of utmost importance that the war mongering misleader of Israel, a country which receives $ 20+ million dollars per day of our taxpayer’s funds, to be held accountable for his inflammatory and dishonest statements and actions, and to in no way influence the historical breakthrough we are now experiencing with Iran which has the potential to once for all eliminate tensions between the US and Iran which started in 1953 when the US triggered the crushing of the democratically elected government of Mossadegh in Iran.   Unlike Israel, Iran does not  possess nuclear weapons and has not invaded any land in the Middle East.

Mr. Netanyahu has made a mockery of any peace talks between Israel and Palestine.  He has gone as far as stating on a video, captured in an article by journalist Jonathan Cook published in The National on July 18, 2010, where during a visit to the home of illegally established settlers in Palestinian territory he admits that he deceived the US in order to destroy the Oslo accord and further dismissed the US as “easily moved to the right direction” calling the high level of popular American support of Israel  “absurd“.

On another occasion, Reuters news agency (inter alia), reported that when a microphone was accidentally not disconnected, the President Sarkozy of France said to President Obama “I cannot bear Netanyahu, he is a liar !” to which President Obama replied, ” You are fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you do“.

More recently, as the London 2012 Olymipic games started, Mr. Netanyahu went on television and warned the world that Iran was planing a terrorist attack in London and when pressed for his source he stated that he could not provide it.  If he had been telling the truth, not to provide the source would have made him an accessory to the crime and if his statement was simply part and parcel of how he makes frivolous claims dishonestly, something which has become his record, then he cannot ever be partner in any genuine peace process again.

As we enter a new era of diplomatic negotiations to achieve conflict resolution instead of resorting to military threats of war as well as war itself, and the Syrian chemical weapons destruction is being the first clear indication of the success of this approach, we must no longer countenance the thought of going to war, particularly on the basis of false and dishonest claims as those which characterized the ones made by the Bush/Cheney misadministration  which even went as far as trying to implicate Iraq in the 9/11 tragedy in order to garner support to invade Iraq, just as we must abandon once for all the practice of attacking and invading nations in order to control and exploit their natural or human resources, or even in order to so to speak “save” them from themselves.

The undue influence of fringe right-wing fundamentalists such as the Republican Tea Party gang, as well as the Netanyahu party coalition of fringe right-wing extremists and their supporters even if among our own Congresspersons, both of which are relatively numerically insignificant, must be rendered insignificant as well, and the way forward is along the fundamental lesson learned,  namely that war is not the answer, “exceptionalism” is an offensive, insulting, destructive, mythical, unjust, counter-productive, and downright non-sensical pseudo-concept.

The way forward for a modernizing world is via a reformed strengthened UN and its Security Council, and via the International Criminal Court, and via a globally integrated and cooperative law enforcement network, all coupled with Federal Reserve Bank badly needed reforms so that never again, in an unregulated environment banks are tempted to peddle cheap loans, to gamble with depositors funds,  which are the used for bubble generations and their eventual unavoidable collapse, when the banking sector must be there to concentrate not on fueling hysterical and greedy consumerism, but providing incentives and support for smart and humanist investment in health, education, and infrastructure repair and maintenance, as well for incentivizing savings.  Inequality must triumph over social stratification globally.

Documentaries such as “Money for Nothing”, and “Inequality for All” must be shown at every high school in the country.

The way forward must end being the way we were,  or worse.

One thought on “The US Must Counter the Right Wing Extremists in Congress and in Israel

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Words of wisdom! Hope this is widely read. Thanks always, Marie

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