The Current Extortionistic Crisis Imposed by The Extreme Right Republicans on the American People Is Out of Bounds


October 8, 2013 by Alfred

Nr. 45

The so-called “Tea Party” is a reckless, feeble-minded, politically and intellectually bankrupt cabal which is resorting to non democratic and extra-constitutional means to obtain absurd concessions which it cannot and will not obtain by the legal legislative means, and therefore, not only is this cabal now clearly a threat to our national financial security, but as well to our national physical security.

Inasmuch as this unpatriotic bizarre cabal has already done serious harm to our country, it and its sponsors in the GOP, including the Speaker of the House, must be held accountable and that means, all the  Tea Partyers, having shown by their unethical, and probably deemable criminal actions, should be considered as having forfeited their prerogative to be considered legitimate legislators  who are bound by oath to hold honorably offices of high trust and hence they should be collectively impeached and the GOP should be fined in an amount which reflects the close to US $ 8.5 billion dollars for the sheer monetary damage that has already been accrued to our nation, not to mention the damage their insolent activity  has done to our prestige globally.

Never again should any President and the American people have to go through a hostage taking like extortionistic situation such as this one in the House of our elected Representatives.

We the people are the ones who deserve genuine respect, in contrast to the lack thereof  demonstrated by this cabal and  contradictorily and non-sensically expressed by one of its members who stated that “…I don’t know what we are going to achieve, but at least we will get some respect…”

This Tea Party member’s statement could be viewed as hilarious but it constitutes actually adding insult to enormous injurious damage already meted out,  and this situation is too dangerous, destructive, and sad, for it to evoke laughter.

One thought on “The Current Extortionistic Crisis Imposed by The Extreme Right Republicans on the American People Is Out of Bounds

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    My sentiments exactly!

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