Israeli Minister States that Ahmadinejad Did Not Declare Israel Should be Wiped Off the World’s Map

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December 8, 2013 by Alfred

Nr. 90

At a time when President Obama is confronted by certain groups intent upon sabotaging his negotiations with the recently elected reformist President Rowhani of Iran by allegations that the former President Ahmadinejad had said that Israel should be wiped off the map of the world, the mainstream media is not doing enough to eradicate this myth.

These allegations are being misused over and over again, notwithstanding the reality that the Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy of Israel, Dan Merridor, has denied its veracity on April 17, 2012 in the New York Times.

A video clip thereof has been apparently hacked into since it has ceased to be functional, yet the evidence in its text form is incontrovertible.

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