Mandela and Cheney, Reagan, and Israel Support for Apartheid

December 8, 2013 by Alfred

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Two days ago our former misleader Cheney declared that he has no regrets for having been active demanding that Mandela not be released from prison, and to add insult to injury he declared, falsely of course, that Mandela was a “terrorist”.

Reagan was also a supporter of the South African Apartheid regime and opposed the sanctions the world imposed on this odious white supremacist neo-Nazi government.

Finally it is also noteworthy that until only 5 years ago Mandela and other officials of the ANC were on the US State Department “terrorist watch” list and in 1980 Cuba was added to the list when it came to the aid of Angola as it was being militarily attacked by the Apartheid South Africa power structure’s armed forces.

Agence France Press (AFP), inter alia, documentably substantiated this historical fact.

The military aggression by South Africa on Angola took place with Israel military support, a support which the Apartheid regime received over a period of almost two decades and which involved the transfer of nuclear energy weaponization technology by Israel to the Apartheid regime, since Israel had developed its nuclear WMD arsenal clandestinely which was started via a secret agreement in 1969 between Richard Nixon and PM Golda Meyer.

Israel hence, refused to sign on to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), a stance it assumes to this day as it falsely claims that Iran is weaponizing nuclear energy.

This historical fact was amply documented by, inter alia, Sasha Polakow-Suransky, a senior editor at Foreign Affairs who holds a doctorate in modern history from Oxford University where he was a Rhodes Scholar from 2003 to 2006.   The title of the book by Mr. Suransky is “The Unspoken Alliance , Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa”.

It is also worthy to note that Mr. Mandela eloquently denounced George W. Bush in 2003 as he was about to mislead our nation into war on Iraq, calling Bush a man of “no foresight”, who “cannot think properly” and “who is about to plunge the world into a holocaust…”

Similarly to the case of the writer of this blog, Mr. Suransky is the son of Austrian parents of the Jewish faith, who emigrated to South Africa and were eventually forced to leave South Africa for the US.

The writer of this blog is the son of an Austrian mother of the Jewish faith and a German father who were forced out of Germany by the Nazis and eventually left Brazil for the US.

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