The Son of Israeli Major General Matti Peled Exposes and Denounces Israel’s Misleadership Based on Myths


December 21, 2013 by Alfred

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The writer of this blog met personally Miko Peled, the son of decorated Israeli Major General Matti Peled.   The Major General rank is the highest military rank achievable in Israel.

Miko Peled is an articulate, decent, honest Israeli.  He is also an author and a peace activist.   He wrote the book “The General’s Son / Journey of an Israeli in Palestine” which has a foreword by Alice Walker.

The book speaks for itself and is fascinating to anyone who can start to see through the fog of deception by particularly the present misleadership of Israel, but as well, by the myth-based extremist Zionist narratives  and falsehoods which have been relentlessly propagated since before the establishment of the state of Israeli inside of British occupied Palestine, aka, “Mandatory” Palestine.

This writer has in prior articles alluded to the Deuteronomy 6:10-12 of the Hebrew Bible mythology which has come to be used as some kind of real estate lien to land and property of Palestinians and which was the basis for their violent dispossession and expulsion from their land staring in 1948.

Since then, such falsehoods as “Palestine is a land without people for a people without land” were relentlessly propagated, and so was the mythical concept that “Jews are God’s chosen people” and that the land for the Palestinians is the “promised land” for these “chosen people”.    The ensuing violence by the Zionist misleaderships has generated a horror show of violence by the victims of its lies and its actions.    This violence has become prevalent in the region and has engulfed the US as well since Israel is funded by the US at the rate of approximately US $20 million dollars per day.

To add fuel to this fire, Israel has become a covert and often brazenly overt supporter of extreme right wing and racist authoritarian regimes from South America’s dictatorships of Guatemala and Chile, inter alia, to most noteworthy, the odious white supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa whereto Israel has propagated secretly until exposed, the nuclear energy weaponization technology for more than a decade.  Back in 1969, in a then secret agreement between disgraced President Nixon and Israeli PM Golda Meyer, Israel started to develop an arsenal of nuclear WMD, which to this day it does not acknowledge and to this day, Israel refuses to sign on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, while it all along threatens Iran militarily and opposes and tries to sabotage President Obama’s negotiations with reformist Iranian President Rowhani, and dishonestly claims that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and that Iran wants to “wipe out” Israel (a claim which the Israeli Minister of Intelligence and Nuclear Energy, Dan Merridor, has admitted to be false.  His video captured disclaimer is found in article  Nr. 90   of this Argentum Post).

The Zionist movement’s expansionist and colonialist objectives pre-date Israel and its doctrines and practices have done incalculable damage to Jews in Israel and abroad.

To wit, the father of this writer who escaped the Nazi persecution in Germany and left on a freighter with documented entry permit to Peru, was detained at the port of Callao in Peru on the basis of Zionist pressures globally to ensure that German Jews were to be channeled to the Palestine colonization project and hence both, Churchill and FDR  under these pressures refused entry to Jews, particularly those of limited financial assets,  and as a result of these pressures a significant number of escaping Jews where returned to Germany or Nazi occupied countries and wound up in concentration camps where many died or were executed.

There is a plethora of historical documentation which backs what this writer has expressed in this foreword to the educational one hour video presentation by this magnificent agent of peaceful conflict resolution, Miko Peled.

This blog’s writer has provided this documentation which is the result of in-depth research by historians who in most cases happen to be brilliant and humanist scholars who are either practicing Jews or are of Jewish cultural background, such as this writer is as well.  This bibliographic documentation is found in the “Bibliography” section of this Argentum Post and to it must be included two sources which have not yet been added, namely Edwin Black’s “The Transfer Agreement / The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich” and Jewish Palestine” and Lenni Brenner’s “51 Documents / Zionist Collaboration the Nazis”.

This blog’s writer therefore finalizes this foreword to the Miko Pelled video  presentation which notwithstanding its one hour duration is so riveting and so educational that even a 10 minute clip will leave most historically unaware Americans with a profound recognition to what extend they have been mislead into believing a revisionist account of the history of Jews and Israel who have been literally betrayed by pernicious distortions which have delayed for too long the urgent need for the US to reform its foreign policy.

The reform must be carried so as to reach out to all parties concerned to a point where the status quo affecting Jews in Palestine as well as Muslims and Christians and seculars is no longer unsustainable, and the conflicts which are spreading like a wild-fire are extinguished and instead then solutions good begin to be arrived at almost overnight, if a sincere leadership in Israel will once for all embark on sincere negotiations which for all practical purposes at this time must focus on the reality of the formation of a single, secular, state for all Palestinians,  which is all-inclusive.

This formula has worked inspiringly in South Africa where the Apartheid qualifier of that state was dissolved.  Israel being an unsustainable Apartheid state as well, as scholars and our own President Carter fully recognized,  must now be enticed and/or  forced by global sanctions to do likewise, for the sake of its Jewish immigrants as well as for the descendants of those Arab Jews who lived there in harmony with the Palestinians and who around 1914 sent a petition to President Woodrow Wilson urging him not to go along with any Zionist colonization project which would bring with it nothing but violence and grief.  Woodrow Wilson was the only leader who had the wisdom to find out, via the Krane King commission he designated to investigate what the Palestinians and their leaders felt about the Zionist threat, and the unanimous finding of this commission of 6 Jews and  6 non-Jews was that ” …Palestinians will not be dispossessed from their lands…”

The writer of this blog’s grandfather left the USSR after WWII and settled in Haifa, Palestine where he rapidly acclimatized but unfortunately equally rapidly left from immediately after the inglorious and unjust 1947 Partition which disowned about 75% of Palestinians and resulted in the violent expulsion of close to one million from their towns and farming lands.

The Middle East, the US, and the rest of the world is undergoing a major realignment and Israel cannot be left behind.  The way forward is one of peaceful reforms outside of the paradigm of nonsensical concepts such as the so-called “exceptionalism” paradigm which an anachronism in an era of a global demand for truly participative democratization.

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  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    So important to promote this video! Hope your blog reaches far & wide!

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