At the Dawn of 2014, The Dawn of a New Wave/New Solution to the Resolution of Israel/Palestine Tragic Debacle


December 30, 2013 by Alfred

Nr. 115

As a logical sequel to my previous article titled “The Son of Israeli Major General Matti Peled Exposes and Denounces Israel’s Misleadership Based on Myths“, article Nr. 110, published on December 21, 2013, this writer proposes the following, again inspired by the concepts and words of Miko Peled, the son of Israeli Major General Matti Peled.

2014 ushers in a New Era of a potential solution for the present and coming generations in the Middle East, as regards to the 66-year old violent partition of Palestine facilitated by the British Empire and by massive immigration into Palestine by American, European, and Russian Jews.

The Palestinian Partition occurred when the UN was only 2 years old and to this day the Zionist pretext used for it was that the take over of 77% of Palestine was justifiable on the basis the Hebrew Bible (Deuteronomy 6:10-12) and was necessary due to the genocidal crimes committed against the Jews by the Nazis in Germany and in other Nazi occupied nations, a pretext which does not live up to historical or legal scrutiny, since the history of Zionist colonization projects started in 1790 when Zionists offered their services to help Napoleon colonize Northern Africa and went on regardless of any threat to assimilated Jews globally.

So, given that Zionism is devoid of historical and legal grounds which would justify the creation of a national entity embodiment of the Judaic religion, and given that Israel now has become the world’s only Apartheid state, as noted, inter alia, by President Carter, a state which therefore is utterly unsustainable, and given that the “Two State Solution” is realistically no longer achievable, and finally given that the “One State Solution” ignoring the inhabitants of Palestine is equally no longer achievable, the only realistic solution is the “No State Solution”.

By “No State Solution” what is envisaged is a solution in the form of the establishment of a state entity of course not yet named,  but one which will be comprehensive and will incorporate all who live in Israel, and in Israeli illegally occupied Palestinian territories, and all Palestinians, including most particularly those who have a legal right to return to their legal homes from their diaspora which occurred when close to one million of them were forcibly and violently dispossessed of their homes, farms, and residences in 1947.

This state will be formed according to strictly participative democratic principles which will have to take into account the need to accommodate the Palestinian unalienable rights, as well as the rights of immigrant and Sabra Jews,  and hence this state will have to be a strictly secular/humanistic foundation where all people will have guaranteed their rights to their religious practices just as all  non-religious inhabitants will have the same rights.

This state should initially have its development supported by the EU and by the UN as well as by a coalition  of NGO’s.

The charade of countless years of so-called peace negotiations have led nowhere, particularly when so-called “negotiations” have taken place with PM Benjamin Netanyahu who is on record as having declared documentably to a group of illegal settlers in their residence that he was proud to have scuttled the Oslo Peace Accords.  This writer has documented this assertion  by Netanyahu which was captured on video.

The mere agreement on this “No State Solution” (with the name of the state to be arrived democratically) will usher in a veritable tsunami wave of peace dividends,  based on collective reform and reconstruction in this violence infested region which has been one of the main centers terrorizingly violent reactions to criminal occupations.

Borrowing the words from  the newly elected mayor of New Delhi of the “Common Man” party, Arvind Kejriwal,  “…this government will not be run by ministers and officials. It will be run by the…million(s) (of) people in a…participatory manner.

After decades of British intervention in the Middle East and now after 20 years of US military intervention in the area (since 1991), and after trillions of US dollars and countless thousands of lives of Americans, Arabs, and Israelis have been needlessly wasted, particularly after the war on Iraq was unleashed on false claims,  the region is engulfed in its most vicious cycle of horrific wars.

It is now a moral imperative that a new solution be engineered to end this insanity and the best way to start is by letting Israel/Palestine become the incubator of a model which will show how this conflict can be ended with global state and NGO non-interventionist support and how this phenomenon can aspire to become a vibrant beacon of rationalist/humanist cooperation for the sake of the present and future generations.

This model would constitute a contagious win-win process which can spread the peace dividends in ways which will affect the Syrian conflict and will bring democracy back to the devastated Egyptian nation after their murderous military coup against the only democracy Egypt ever experienced, and will even begin to end the absurdly tragic and unnecessary sectarian Sunni/Shiite strife which fuels the destructive activity of extremists which exploit it.


One thought on “At the Dawn of 2014, The Dawn of a New Wave/New Solution to the Resolution of Israel/Palestine Tragic Debacle

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Eccellent idea! Hope it gains steam.

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