The Zionist Ideologues and The Undue Influence AIPAC Lobby are Determined to Sabotage Obama’s Peace Negotiatons [#150]


January 16, 2014 by Alfred

Never before has the unholy link between the myth-based Zionist extremist ideology and its agents, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) with its undue influence over extremist and corrupted members of the US Congress, not to mention the Israeli Allies Caucus with its establishment of up to 20 pro-Israel Caucuses in Parliaments worldwide, been such a brazen threat to our democracy and hence to our national security and interests as at this time, when they are brazenly hell-bent in sabotaging our President’s and Secretary of State efforts to engage constructively in negotiations to bring about peacefully conflict resolutions in Palestine and Iran.

As David E. Price, a Democrat from North Carolina and member of the House of Representative declared in a letter to The Washington Post published 01/15/2014, “Congress must give democracy a chance.  We know that it may not work, but the reason must not be our own acts of sabotage“.

The worst offender who represents AIPAC’s push for sabotage of peace talks, particularly with the recently democratically elected President Rowhani of Iran, is Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.).   As Robert Gard, Chairman of the Center of Arms Control and Non-Proliferation has declared as well in a letter to The Washington Post, published as well on 01/15/2013, when he referred to Senator Mendez bill, “The bill’s language can be taken as open-ended invitation to attack (Iran), involving the United States in another Middle East war“.

Among decent, rational, humanist prominent intellectuals and leaders of the Jewish community who support the constructive engagement with Iran and Palestine are, to name a few, legendary Rabbi Lerner who is the editor of Tikkun Magazine, Uri Avnery who is an Israeli writer and founder of the Gush Shalom peace movement,  and  MJ Rosenberg, who is formerly Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters, and has been for 15 years working in Capitol Hill with members of the House and Senate.

MJ Rosenberg recently wrote an article titled “Don’t Let AIPAC Kill Obama’s Iran Agreement” which highlights the urgent need for a mobilization of the American people to prevent Senator Menendez’s mendacious and hysterically inflammatory bill to receive veto-proof support.

Finally, to add insult to injury, Israeli PM Netanyahu has authorized provocatively the construction of further settlements in violation of international law immediately after our dedicated Secretary of State John Kerry left the region after engaging vigorously in a peace talks starting effort during 10 trips in 5 months.   A couple of days ago, the Israeli Secretary of Housing dishonestly declared that this had been coordinated with our Secretary of State, and  additionally, as another insult, Israel’s Secretary of Defense grotesquely offended our Secretary of State by declaring that “The only thing that can ‘save us’ is for John Kerry to win a Nobel Prize and leave us in peace.”

The false Zionist myth-based ideology, coupled to the Congress members corrupting undue influence of the AIPAC lobby and capped by insults from Israel’s current misleadership’s power structure must end now, particularly as the American taxpayer’s funds are still hemorrhaging $20 million dollars daily to Israel to constitute a liability to the US, not to mention the  devastating hemorrhage of blood which Israel’s illegal occupation has generated and the potential huge hemorrhage an absolutely insane war on Iran would lead to.

So, to sum up, it is time for the US to fundamentally reform its policy towards Israel and within this context it is heartening to report that, for the first time ever, there will be on March 7, 2014, at the prestigious National Press Club in Washington, DC, a Center of National Interest in coordination with other NGO’s sponsored, conference which  will be in effect a “Summit to Analyze and Reassess the US Policy to Israel”.


One thought on “The Zionist Ideologues and The Undue Influence AIPAC Lobby are Determined to Sabotage Obama’s Peace Negotiatons [#150]

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Incisive, timely & right on! Kudos!!

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