Israel’s Misleadership Summons EU Ambassadors to Admonish Them for Criticizing Israel’s Continuing Violations of International Law [# 155]


January 19, 2014 by Alfred

The mainstream media continues to relegate major news reporting of Israel’s misleadership’s egregiously provocative behavior, to minor “digest” sections, if it reports them at all.

On 01/18/2014, The Washington Post for instance, relegated as minor news in a “digest” the outrageous decision by Israel’s US funded  (at $US 20 million per day) to said misleadership, of the fact that it summoned a group of the European Union ambassadors from Britain, France, Italy, and Spain to chide them over their protests for its giving the green light to settlers to violate international law hours after US Secretary of State John Kerry left peace talks in Israel and Palestine, so that these criminal settlers can build even more new settlements in land which belongs to Palestinians, land in Palestinian East Jerusalem and the Palestinian West Bank.

This comes after AIPAC and its Zionist myth-based ideologues have been exposed as the saboteurs they are of President Obama’s dedicated and earnest attempts of arrive at peaceful conflict resolutions in disputes with both, Palestine and Iran, by their incessant and  vitriolic hate and fear mongering targeted on scuttling peace negotiations by the administration,  and by their undue political and financial influence over greedy and corruptible members of Congress who are pushing at this crucial juncture of potential peace with justice for both, Palestinians and Iranians, to derail such negotiations by calling for additional economic sanctions on Iran and by calling for additional irrational requirements on Palestinians so that both parties’ leadership will be forced to back out of their devoted and earnest efforts to defuse tensions and arrive at workable and sustainable peace agreements.

For the mainstream media to apparently deliberately make executive level editorial decisions to consign such newsworthy developments to little “digests” is an affront to the American people’s democratic and constitutional rights to be informed and thereby educated by the media in an objective and professional manner.

It should not be necessary for independent writers of online blogs, such as this one, to take up the slack of something the mainstream media has a moral imperative to engage in.
Only eventually said mainstream media is typically and finally shamed to pick these noteworthy developments and give them their due coverage,  when their executives feel that critical mass has been reached for it to become a necessity, and at those instances often it may be too late, as clearly was the case when the mainstream media failed egregiously during the pre-2001 and pre-2003 months when the Cheney/Bush administration badly mislead the American people to accept false claims for an utterly avoidable war on Afghanistan and Iraq on largely false grounds.   Today, both countries are in worse shape than prior to the trillion-dollar wars which cost the lives more than 10,000 US troops and more than 100,000 Iraqis and Afghanis.

The very last thing the US and the region and the world needs and/or can afford now is yet another horrific US war on Iran on false grounds with a latent agenda concocted by groups which are alien to the best interests of the US, and of all genuinely and sincerely concerned, meaning particularly all decent, rational, humanist Jewish and Moslems, as well as, obviously all thus characterizable Israelis, Palestinians, and Iranians.

One thought on “Israel’s Misleadership Summons EU Ambassadors to Admonish Them for Criticizing Israel’s Continuing Violations of International Law [# 155]

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Yes, the mainstream media is just as responsible as all those committing the crimes. That’s why independent writers – such as yourself – are of critical importance!! P.S. I finally watched “The Gatekeepers” last night, and it’s certainly a documentary all should view! Thank you for recommending it, as well as for all your literary activism!

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