The 52 Years Old Embarrassing and Failed US Policy to Prevent US Travel to Cuba Must End Now [#165]


February 8, 2014 by Alfred

This writer has written a brief summary of the genesis of the thwarting of a bipartisan majority sentiment expressed decades ago in Congress to end the violation of the right of Americans to  travel to Cuba, a country which welcomes US tourists who, however,  are intimated by our government against going traveling to Cuba to find for themselves the successes (in public health and education) and the shortcomings of the Cuban Revolution.

Said brief summary has a link on each article this writer has published in the Argentum Post and said link is on the top of the first page of every article in the format of the words “Bipartisan Majority” .

Today on February 8th, 2014 , after 52 years of this bizarre embargo which the UN has rejected each year overwhelmingly for 22 years, with only the US and Israel in support of, the Latin American Work Group (LAWG) has published an excellent comment which exposes the irrationality of this situation which has continued for too long as result of the thwarting of the bipartisan majority expressed sentiment by the manipulations of the extreme right wing corrupted politicians who support the undue influence of the Cuban-American National Foundation.

This writer has additionally created a bumper sticker to promote the message urging Americans to assert their democratic freedom to travel to Cuba.

Said bumper sticker depicts the American and Cuban flags end capping the message “Practice Democracy at Home / End the US Ban on Travel to Cuba”.

The bumper can be acquired via Cafe Press.  This is, of course, a non-profit project designed to inform educationally and to foster people-to-people communications regardless of the pernicious agendas of well-funded lobbies which corrupt our democracy.

One thought on “The 52 Years Old Embarrassing and Failed US Policy to Prevent US Travel to Cuba Must End Now [#165]

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Kudos for raising awareness on yet another vital issue!

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