Once Again, the Undue Influence of the Zionist Extremist Lobby Results in the Suppression of an Event [ # 170 ]


February 21, 2014 by Alfred

The increasing suppression of thoughts, books, museum exhibits, academic speakers, journalists, and others who scholarly describe historical events which are critical of the illegitimate means whereby the Jewish religion was nationalized by being morphed into a  state entity carved out on the land owned by the Palestinians,  is once again observed in a way which is further damaging to the image of all well-intentioned, humanist and rationalist progressive Jews.

To wit, the latest episode of the kind is the cancellation of an exhibit by the director of the Museum of Jewish Heritage who disinvited journalist John Judis’ book “Genesis : Truman, American Jews, and the Ongoing Arab/Israeli Conflict“.

The reason given for the cancellation of the appearance by John Judis was that it was “too controversial”.

The book essentially elaborates on President Truman’s recognition of Israel in 1948 as being due exclusively to his political proclivity to yield to the undue political influence of the Zionist founders of the ill-conceived Palestine colonization project which has resulted in a horrific violent conflict which now has lasted some 66 years and sees not sign of abatement as Israel has now become the only Apartheid state in the world.

MJ Rosenberg has written an excellent synopsis on this book which has been published by the Tikkun Daily edition of February 19, 2014.

One thought on “Once Again, the Undue Influence of the Zionist Extremist Lobby Results in the Suppression of an Event [ # 170 ]

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks for always shedding light on the hidden truth!

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