Present Officials of the Former British Empire Disgrace Themselves [# 175]

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February 23, 2014 by Alfred

On the same day (02/20/2014) as former UK’s Prime Minister Tony Blair is reported by the mainstream media (e.g. The Washington Post) as having offered himself to act as a secret adviser to the media empire’s Rupert Murdoch who also owned the now defunct News of the World tabloid,  as Murdoch and two of his executives were confronted in the scandal of the revelations of illegal phone hacking,  we find the UK’s Prince Charles wearing a traditional Saudi uniform while attending a dance performance on a private visit to the most egregious human rights violating autocracy of the Middle East.

At least when Sir Percy Cox drew the lines in the desert of the Middle East to divide and conquer and exploit the Middle East’s vast fossil fuel resources,  no one was dishonestly and hypocritically pretending to bring “democracy and freedom” to the Middle East as the Cheney/Bush misleardership, enthusiastically supported by the PM of the UK, Tony Blair, (aka, Bush’s “Poodle”)lead the American people to believe, on the basis of false claims.

The International Criminal Court must now be lauded for their noble effort to bring to justice those who have committed atrocious crimes against humanity as regards to the Syrian debacle, and now is the time to press said court to continue to objectively and comprehensively focus on those other state, private, and individual entities who have been thus far sheltered by corrupting special undue interest lobbies from their limelight, namely the most brazen, but Western interest protected, autocracies of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Bahrain where the US has the Fifth Naval Fleet which explains why the US refrains from any criticism when the this Bahraini dictatorship requested Saudi troops to put down violently a peaceful democracy activists demonstration and added insult to injury by jailing physicians and nurses who tended to the wounds of those severely injured.

It goes without saying that the US enabling funding at the rate of more than $ 20 million per day of the international law violating Israeli misleardship as it continues relentlessly and violently to occupy the confiscated land of the Palestinians, while isolating itself daily ever more as the only Apartheid theocratic so-called state of the world (whose genesis resulted from unjust nationalization of a religion), must also finally face the scrutiny of the International Criminal Court, if humanity is to have a semblance of hope that it can and will embark on a journey of reform, reconstruction, with a focus on the globalization of a sustainable equitable distribution of rights and obligations for all and protection of none who will further lead us into the abyss of perpetual war with the accompanying hemorrhage of treasury and blood.


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