The Omitted Relevant and Revealing Relationship Between Criminal Financier Charles Keating and Mother Teresa [#230]

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April 8, 2014 by Alfred

Mainstream media publications such as the Washington Post published recently obituary reports on Charles Keating, the disgraced notorious financier who served prison time for defrauding investors, many elderly ones,  who lost their working lifetime retirement savings.

Missing conspicuously in said reports was the fact that prior to going to prison Keating gave Mother Teresa a substantial amount of this stolen property and when Judge Lance Ito requested that she return said property to its rightful owners, she simply refused it.

The only mention of Mother Teresa in the case of the Washington Post report was the one on  April 3, 2014 wherein there is such reference linking Keating to Mother Teresa,  however only within the context of a mention of Keating having flown Mother Teresa around in his private helicopter.

Mother Teresa asked Judge Ito to be lenient with Charles Keating, and to do what Jesus would do, in a letter written to the judge on January 27, 1992, but evidently she did not challenge herself to follow the same advice when she refused to return the stolen funds,  as requested by Judge Ito, to their rightful owners.

It goes without saying that the twice victims of this heinous theft deserve mention of this fact, and it is never to late for the mainstream medium to step up to their duty to disclose facts which do matter, regardless of the political considerations.


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