Ali Abunimah’s Book “The Battle for Justice in Palestine” as the Two-State Solution and the Peace Process Collapse [#235]


April 9, 2014 by Alfred

This writer attended today, on 04/09/2014, the presentation of a book titled “The Battle for Justice in  Palestine”,  by Ali Abunimah, author and co-founder or Electronic Intifada.

The event took place at the Jerusalem Fund center in Foggy Bottom, Washington DC.  The Fund was founded by Palestinians scholars living in the U.S.   It provides regular educational and cultural events centered on Palestine and was founded in 1977.  It is a veritable historic institution and is one of the oldest Palestine-focused organizations in the country.

It was at the Jerusalem Fund center where this writer had the unique opportunity to raise questions and personally chat with such illustrious scholars as Dr. Abu Sitta,( Palestinian historian),  Hanan Ashrawi (Palestinian legislator, activist, scholar), Dennis Halliday (Irish former UN Humanitarian Coordinator), and Saeb Erekat (Palestinian Chief of the PLO Steering and Monitoring Committee).

Today’s presentation essence is summarized in the infra synopsis.  The event will also become viewable in its entirety and that  includes the question and answer portion which followed the presentation, when the Jerusalem Fund posts it on their website.

Essentially Mr. Abunimah stated that the “two-state solution” has collapsed and so has the so-called “peace process” which had largely become a charade for quite some time.

Obviously this collapse does not mean that the quest for a final and sustainable solution for the intolerable situation of the Palestinians can be delayed.  On the contrary, now there exist new opportunities for a final solution and these will have to be within the context of a “one-state” solution, namely one of the kind inspired by the dissolution of the Apartheid character of the white supremacist South African regime.

This historical crossroads is being arrived at a time when a new narrative is emerging, a narrative which includes peaceful and assertive occurrences such as the development of the world-wide BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement which is now recognized by such prestigious non-profit organizations as the ASA (American Scholars Association).

In the not distant past, the suggestion of the evolution of a “one-state” solution was characterized as utopian.  This has ceased to be the case, and it is noteworthy that while Israeli PM Netanyahu refers to movement on the one hand as a fringe movement, he chose recently to devote an entire one-third of his time blasting it while speaking to the AIPAC lobby in Washington, DC.

Today Israel occupies,  in brazen  violation of international law and of the Geneva Convention, an area  which is populated by 50% of non-Jews, and this is an area of constantly moving borders as Israel in further violation of international law, engages in Palestinian house demolitions for continuous annexations and settlement housing building.

The apparent end-game envisioned by the extremists Zionist ideologues from the start was to make life for Palestinians which refused to leave their rightful lands in 1948 so miserable  thereafter that they  would give up and leave.   That end-game is has collapsed as well.

The dialectical contradictions of what illustrious historian Ilan Pappe described in his book “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” have come to the surface and with that comes a massive movement in the direction of resolution which will make it an imperative that Jews in Israel now start to reimagine their place in Palestine.

The “one-state” solution has the potential to become a win-win solution for all involved as it will give Palestinians and Jews an incentive to bring to an end the brutal violence, mostly meted out by the settlers on the rightful owners of their land, and to then engage constructively for a future of rebuilding and reconciliation.

Only as a secular, democratic society can this joint development become firmly and sustainably grounded.

By a coincidence, today the Israeli government has (falsely) blamed the Palestinians for the collapse of the talks, for having signed 15 multilateral agreements at the UN for the protection of children, women, and the elderly in a war environment,  while our Secretary of State, John Kerry, to his credit, blamed the Israelis for the collapse of the talks.

Hopefully for the sake of the Palestinians, Israelis, and the US, this is also the beginning of the non-sensical characterization of Israel as being endowed with some kind of so-called “exceptionalist” character status which supposedly is meant to render it immune to global reproach via the United Nations.

The above synopsis was inspired by the presentation of Mr. Ali Abunimah, but the actual wording and to some extend interpretation of it is attributable to this writer.

One thought on “Ali Abunimah’s Book “The Battle for Justice in Palestine” as the Two-State Solution and the Peace Process Collapse [#235]

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Hopefully, there will be enough of a shift in consciousness and sentiment to open a path to a peaceful transition to a one state solution as you suggest.

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