An Extremist Organization Again Manages to Display an Odious Ad Containing Hitler’s Images on The Washington DC Metro Buses [Nr. 270]

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May 21, 2014 by Alfred

Once again odious speech and imagery, not necessarily protected by the First Amendment,  is issued by the Zionist extremist American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and is displayed on public transportation,  this time with Hitler’s image, in a way which is disgracing not only of our Metro collective transportation system, but by extension, as well as of our nation’s capital city, Washington DC.

The AFDI is a far right extremist organization which the Southern Poverty Law Center considers documentably and rightfully characterizes as a hate group.

 The previous ad, displayed  around September of 2012, on Metro train stations, characterized Arabs as “savages” and the present one, equally disgustingly,  and dishonestly and inflammatorily characterizes  Moslems as “Jew-haters” and Palestinians as “allies of the Third Reich“.

The words used by the AFDI​ are clearly incendiary fighting  words, and such “fighting words” have been ruled by the Supreme Court as not protected by the First Amendment, so that the Metro system has no pretext to accept these obscene ads.The Supreme Court has ruled that such offensive words — called “fighting words” — can be prohibited. The genesis of the high court’s fighting-words jurisprudence began with the 1942 decision Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire  which is elaborated on by the First Amendment Center.

Our nation’s capital must not tolerate this kind of hate and fear mongering nonsense to  be displayed publicly which, to boot, is dishonestly disinformative,  in its flagrant way of decontextualizing and thereby distorting,  factual history.

Violence generates violence.  Our buses and trains must not be vehicles to promote destructive and odious speech, and particularly not in the capital of the United States whereto visitors come to be inspired and not shocked and intimidated by hate mongering on the nonsensical grounds as they walk and are motorized through our beautiful city.

Both, decent conservatives and liberals and progressives can come together on this issue.   Let us therefore come together to have this shameful message and image removed immediately.


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